For all those who had Rs.1000 # LE NEON 2- *banjo banjo*

Neon 2 was something of which everybody was anxious about. Some said that it would be Baqwaas in reference to neon 1 in which biryani was served others said that it was going to be the most EPIC party TIP has ever seen. The exact words I heard cannot be posted due to containment of colourful words.

As the days came closer people were anxious to see the magic of neon 2. Even I went to people to ask whether they are coming or not. It was my first Dance party-in TIP- so of course I wanted to see what happens!

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The only thing that I can say about this article is that the title is precise. Thar and misery goes hand in hand.  So read this article narrated by Adeel Aftab who went to Thar and regaled his story.

When I planned to go 450kms away from my home I didn’t know that after being back I’ll look at things in a different way. To know that I am not just blessed but living in such luxury which only few could afford; to know that I only have to raise my voice to get water and to know food in the evening is not an issue.

I, Adeel Aftab along with my friends; Mir Kalhoro, Umar Zaman, Zair Shafquat and Muqeet Amjad(texpert) and associates form Inspire school of Advanced studies; Taha Faheem Khan Lodhi and Usman Salahuddin Siddique; saw what cannot be unseen.

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Alright! I have been reading Quack ever since a New Bee has been posting stuff here. This person has a very, what shall I say, quack-y style of writing that always leaves me chuckling away.


If only they would speak

Many years ago on a street in my neighborhood was a pack of dogs. They would chase every car that would pass by. Barking and chasing until the car went past. Sometimes there were a few. Other times they were joined by friends from neighborhoods far far away. They would tire themselves out and triumphantly return back to the pack, perhaps thinking that they scared the car away.

No one knew what they wanted. One time we stopped our car and the poor animal halted dead in its tracks, its bark fading into a puppy like squeal, and scared out of its wits it retreated in its own tracks.

Then one day they just disappeared. Perhaps they were trying to say something.

I know why caged birds sing

By Rimsha Mehmood
Singing Caged Bird
It Sung, It sang and will sing…a bird. For a world of elation and contentment but not tears. For a world of colors but not blood shed. For a world of emancipation but not slavery.

Crouching beside the bars of the vicious cage…the bird sits…we sit and view the horrendous sight. Thousands of people, innocents, die everyday, due to the audacious and insolent bombing episodes. A mother separated from a child, a brother separated from a sister, a loved one from a lover. The blame thrown off at the “so- called” terrorists, our leaders shut our mouths, forcing us to operate as puppets. Our hearts cry for integrity and justice, however our lips stay sealed. But the bird hopes, hopes for even-handedness of the precious lives of these creatures and sings.

Living in this cage of abhorrence, our eyes catch sight of further catastrophe and adversity. While a girl pays the price of being a woman in front of our eyes, we run to save our own nobility, ignorant to the agony of the poor, wretched creature. The world “help” seems to fly away to some far off part of our tender heart. Even so, the incarcerated bird articulates its empathy, and sings with its beautiful and melodious voice, the song of impartiality.

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Textile and polymer materials share quite a few characteristics with biological skin. The fact that textiles may get absorbed in biological tissues is advantageous for us in many ways. But what if at some stage we discover a textile/polymer that in its process of assimilation with body tissues does not lose its characteristics? What if the implanted polymer and the skin ‘react’ to produce a new material? For instance, a cell’s atoms that can go on to ‘polymerize’ like a plastic producing an ever continuous chain similar to a streptococci until ‘termination’ occurs. Is living polymer a possibility?

I had a bad dream last night- I saw I was losing a tooth. Now, I know this since childhood that it means that I’ll be harmed in some way. My experience pushes me to believe in this absurdity religiously. But that’s funny, what does teeth falling out has to do with a mishap?? Who has set this symbolized standard? And if you are a Darwinist, even then isn’t it strangely interesting that our subconscious brain adopted a ‘falling tooth’ as a warning signal of a future that even our conscious brain isn’t aware of??

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Hum a song with sounds of ma-pa-ba ; of h and j ; of a-e-i-o.
Focus on how a slight pressure of your tiny tongue muscle here or there, the indiscernible twitch of lips like this or that produce such a variety of phonemes.

Our subconscious intelligence meticulously manages these tiny details of our larynx and orals, and they do it all the time; their instances of errors abysmally low!

When I think about it – the degree of sophisticated design that comes into play even when I say the simple word ‘koe-a-ck’- it’s kingly.

.. I feel haughtily satisfied .

ego..its all about me.

Oh dear inanimate world,
its all about me!