What Happened to Us?


TIP offers the same thing 10 other blokes do in the city. We, even within our own skin are not inventive, we have same courses as AIFD or Indus, combined with the fact that we are 50 kilometers away from city doesn’t help at all.

Any student’s wet dream is Indus, at least in the market we are trying to capture. After that we are left with AIFD. Convenient, Affordable, Solid.

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TIP has a new item on the block- The Textile Institute Speaking Society. This new society was formed two weeks prior by the students of the current spring batch. The society’s main object is to relinquish leadership quality among the student body and build confidence. Continue reading “NEW!!!- TEXTILE INSTITUTE SPEAKING SOCIETY”

The Freshmen Say…

As the most amazing weeks to admire the beauty of TIP came to an end at the campus this semester, the university has become quite serious in terms of studies as the way I see it. The freshmen got along quite well with the campus and some may have got quite far with the others up till now.

In terms of happenings, so far only one cricket tournament has happened. Apart from that, meetings of independent societies like TiES and some other societies like Dramatics Society was held. Only one concern which is that apart from appreciating another society going independent, I would like to correct the newly formed respective president of the society that KINDLY provide valid information to the juniors rather than announcing that TISF (which is unfortunately no more) will have its student body elections soon.

On the good part, the freshmen have been quite supportive (surprisingly) to contribute their views for Quack Online! So far let’s hear what the students has to say:

“Well, here in TIP nothing happened as such so far.
What can I say about this institution? It’s truly beautiful and full of nature which adds more to life. The second amazing part is the faculty which is so cooperative which makes this institute one of the best!
Moving on, I would like to share about the seniors. Seniors are full of life, they guided us from the very first day till now but they don’t know how to RAG. Yeah I know it’s unofficial, but still they did ragging but it was not a big deal. However, it was fun though I did not like it every time.
I would like to add that though it has been too soon to start criticizing on some issues, but the cafeteria needs a lot of work. It is not as good as it could be or maybe not maintained well as I see it.
Hope to enjoy the most of the coming years.”
Tayyaba Fasihi – FDM1

“My opinion about the first day at TIP was a little boring and quite tiring. Everybody has a boring first day I guess.
What I did the first day was got ragged 100 times gave my intro about thousand times to every seniors I met.  Seniors are quite fun loving and good. We started with our classes the first day that was not really fair …
But in the end had a good experience with all our seniors and the teachers. Hope we have a really good time in the future semester.”

Sakina Abbas – TDT1

TIP honours employees this Eid

In a historic move to finally honour the hardworking, unappreciated, and hidden faces behind Textile Institute of Pakistan’s impressive machinery and formidable facade, the highly effective governing board has fired at least 18 staff members this Eid.

“TIP was my first job. I’ve served TIP for over a decade, and this is what they do to me. I’m literally being pushed out of the gates”, said one victim before breaking into tears.

A number of the diligent employees who lost their job had been serving TIP since its inception, while most had been rendering valuable services to the institute’s management and upkeep for over past 5 years.

According to reliable sources, majority of the employees who have been terminated under the pretext of ‘cost cutting’ were in the petty salary range of Rs.7,000 to 15,000 per month.

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Public Announcement

Media and Publication Society (MAPS) is looking for Writers (English & Urdu), designers, cartoonist and new blood for marketing team.

An introductory session followed by interviews for new inductees will be done on Thursday, October 14, 2010 in 4th  slot (at 1:15 pm) at LR1.

Students interested are requested to please attend the session.

For further details:
Hafza Azhar (tmm-3)
Mir Jawad (amm-3)
Shumaila Rajput (tmm-4)

Whats wrong with Quack!? (Editorial Oct 2010)

By Abid Omar, Aasim Ahmed and Furhan Hussain

Why do you cause us so much grief? The recent fervor over an article pushed some former editors of Quack! to convene an international teleconference spanning 3 continents. We got together to see if this article requires a major response such as a makeover of the basic policies underlying Quack! Our discussion quickly shifted to whether North America is really a geographic entity separate from South America (yes it is), where in the world is Abid (eating lizards in Shanghai or foie gras in Paris) and whether it is possible to breathe and write at the same type (not possible for some).

Our task is daunting. The discussion we’re dealing with has swayed so far away from where it started that getting together three people from three continents was the easy part. So we thought it would be a good idea to lay out what we won’t be talking about here just so we’re clear.

What we will not be discussing

1. We will not be discussing TIP’s faculty and administration. Let’s face it, there have always been problems and always will be. That’s life. But they are doing something right to have over 700 graduates out into the industry.

2. We will not be talking about the lake, the horrible food at the cafeteria (apparently it’s not horrible anymore!) or how beautiful the fertilizer factory looks at night!

3. We will also not be discussing the pros and cons of ragging. We’ve been there and done that many a times before and one can find plenty of archives on the subject.

What we will be discussing

1. The ideology behind Quack!
2. What good journalism is about and how to write an effective piece.
3. What to do about anonymous postings

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The Red Issue!

14345_181484927087_531762087_2780200_5789066_nArtists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.

-Jules Feiffer

Watch out for SBlog’s THE RED ISSUE!

Coming Soon!