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untitledThis issue covers a very inspiring story of Ayesha Mian (cover star) – a must read for all. Just for overview, she is an Alumni of University of Columbia and currently studying at Harvard. Don’t miss out the Michael Jackson poster inside. Moreover; enjoy the glossy pages of social.

For those planning to go abroad next year check out the amazing scholarship by the University of Cambridge (previously posted on the website as well). For girls, celebrity eye candy in ‘before they were famous’ – Waqar Khan of EP remembers his student life in an exclusive conversation with the Sblog team.

We have an amazing HIT LIST for ‘HIM’ and for ‘HER’ along with movies and reviews in the section STUDENT’S ARE TALKING ABOUT.

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Imran Iqbal

anonymous cowards

We have been receiving complaints saying that we entertain anonymous postings and comments that are irresponsibly written, rude, offensive and by cowards, of course. The truth is, Quack! does not entertain anonymous posts, you guys do. You must check out what Quack! has to say to anonymous cowards.

Don’t take them seriously. Don’t reply to them. Ignore them.

For issues, complaints, questions and suggestions, feel free to contact editors.

Why the duck?


There is a legend, call it a campus legend or hostel myth, that once upon a time TIP was a fair place. The grass was greener, the tower taller, the blackboards green. Around campus everywhere there were foxes and squirrels and geese, oh my! The lake brimmed with fresh clear water, and in that water roosted many geese, cackling and crowing all day and all night. The students were, of course, smitten by this captivating environment, this enchanting campus, and spent many a listless hour by the lake, listening to the geese cackle and crow, while cackling and crowing, and dare I say, quacking, amongst themselves. The geese depended on the students to be fed. The students would procure bread specially from the canteen, making sure the geese only got the highest quality. They would then sit on the bridge and by the lake and the geese would come to them and get their daily bread while the students were captivated by the lights of UFO’s landing nearby and blazing red sunsets.

One day, in the midst of this serenity, disaster struck! The Continue reading “Why the duck?”

Letters from Anon, and more.

Here we are, about to launch another very delayed issue of Quack!, paper edition.

Ever wonder why it gets so late? Because the editor in-charge is too lazy to bring out the fortnightly issue every fortnight-or sometimes too busy. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s demotivated because people like to remain unhappy when their expectations remain unfulfilled, yet they get too busy to appreciate a positive effort they always wanted somebody to make, once it it actually happens. And brings results as well.

Don’t you think it’s ironic how people like to keep whining about how things are so bad around their workplace, yet they are always too busy (or unconcerned, or scared) to come forward and try to bring about a change, or at least, support those who try. Be proactive. Take initiative. And support others who do. Don’t try to bring them down with sarcasm and nonconstructive criticism like, ‘tumhe aur koi kaam nahi hai? Harwaqt tasveerain he kheinchtay rehtay ho?’ or, ‘yeh kya tum har waqt noticeboard sahi karte rehte ho!’.

Lots of people don’t appreciate it when people criticize from behind the veil of obscurity. It’s always good to come out into the open to make a point. You should have nothing to be scared of but God, if you believe in Him. If believe you’re right, and you can justify it, no one will trash your opinion, or harm you. Now, the reason I wrote this rather long rant is because I received an anonymous mail recently from someone who wanted to be heard, yet they were scared they might get a warning letter from the management for speaking. I wonder why the management would do something like that since the mail had absolutely nothing wrong or profane in it. Have a read: Continue reading “Letters from Anon, and more.”

TISF 2008-09

Election Announcement

While some believe it was another yearly bout of dirty politics all over again, for me, despite being a person who stays away from public politics, observing TISF Elections ’08 was a tense experience. With heavy, rather colorful campaigning everywhere, lots of money wastage and seeing how (in)famous groups of fast friends around the campus broke into pieces of old China, it was difficult for people to stay away from the obvious hypocrisies the election pot was brewing.

Finally, it’s over. The results have been quite predictable. Peace did reign supreme, and the faculty seems happy. And best of all, reliable sources quote the voting and counting process to have been fair and transparent!

This is what the new TISF consists of:

Awab Ahmed – President
Saad Nasim – General Secretary
Altaf Abdul – Finance Secretary
Saad Ashraf – Activity Secretary
Anum Fatima – Campus Development Secretary

I congratulate them all for their success on behalf of the entire Quack! Online team and wish them a fruitful, honest and scandal free tenure. I also congratulate the previous TISF for ending a great tenure without any corruption accusitions. Good job, Haris Amin, Waqas Aman and Arsalan.

Returning to election talk, here’s what Quack! managed to gather from people about the elections. Their views: Continue reading “TISF 2008-09”

Some remedies for the new rules

Rule: Did you know the new TIP student’s handbook says that you cannot use your iron in your hostel room without prior written permission from the warden?
Workaround: Make a point of asking everytime you see the warden. Even if you are not going to use it, just ask, just in case you do use it. Send an email to him, and CC it to a few of the faculty members too. Send an email every day, ask all the time, ask the guards to ask him. Ask him in writing, ask him over the phone, ask him now and always, for you never know, when you need to iron. Continue reading “Some remedies for the new rules”

Pink Alert: Editorial

On April 3, 2007, Quack! Offline Edition featured an article (Segregated weddings and lunch rooms) by Arsalan Ahmed which received much attention from our audience.

The points in the article were taken note of and some of them were addressed by the president, in his recent address to the students.

However, regarding thefts on campus as mentioned towards the end of Arsalan’s article, it is important that Quack!, being impartial gives an account of the loss of Mrs. Durrani’s belongings in light of recorded events.
Continue reading “Pink Alert: Editorial”