Now a days TIP is “puking” Events. Why I say this is because there is no corner of TIP where an event isn’t being planned and executed. I mean, only yesterday a guest speaker session was held in which Mr. Asim Shehzad was presented to us.

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Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010

By Iqra Izhar, FDM-1

Elections in TIP… a very good experience, a little different indeed from what I had in past, I had been through. The difference was that at least in those elections I saw competition, not one but two at least and sometimes even more than two candidates competing for one position. Continue reading “Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010”


Well! It is nothing new to all of you ladies and gentlemen that how failure TISF has been in the past year to entertain students of TIP. Last year I attended four events done by TISF:

1) Freshmen Gala
2) Carnival
3) Fun festival
4) Concert

All of the events were to some extent unorganized, controversial, boring and dull. Let’s take an example of Freshman Gala, it was much unorganized, guitars were not working properly, sometimes voice was not coming out of the microphone. Same thing happened with Carnival, there were no harmony and no unity. It was like as if everybody was celebrating their own carnival. Then comes the fun festival but was it actually fun festival or valentine? The biggest controversial event of the year 2009 was concert. If I had any idea about the free tickets thing, I would have never even bothered to come. Such type of discrimination was practiced by TISF. Continue reading “TISF FAILS TO ENTERTAIN STUDENTS…………..”

Elections – The Truth behind

The election are going to be announced very soon, but did we ever bothered to know that why do we have elections for TISF, why not let societies work independently, why do we have a TISF president, a general secretary and a finance secretary. and why do we have this TISF, whats the whole concept behind it.

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Is there a need for election?

For past two years I have been a part of different societies at TIP and even been a member of elected student forum for one year. This year we are about to enter the election phase again, where we’ll be having that same old dirty politics, ruining of friendships, and many other negative after effects as usual. I don’t know how important my advice is gonna be, and how seriously the student body of TIP will take it. But, there is a fault in the system and it needs to be look into seriously, we need a change and change that would rather bring us closer, despite dividing us into pieces. Continue reading “Is there a need for election?”

Elections 09-10… Beginning of a New Era!

Finally; it’s over! With not much of people competing this year the elections seemed to be boring but still, it brought T.I.P back to life. TISF Elections 09, with lots of money wasted and all its dirty politics have finally com to an end. The new members with same old promises got elected and with that same old hope people voted them for a change. With the 94% of votes casted this year, six new TISF board members got elected out of which three were unopposed and just needed 51% votes to get elected. Contrary to last year; this year we also had a Publication Secretary.


The new TISF board members are:
Adnan Malik – President
Sikandar Hussain Gillani – General Secretary
Khurram Hussain – Financial Secretary
Muhammad Mohsin Butt – Publication Secretary
Shahbaz Mohammad – Activity Secretary
Talha Farooqui – Campus Development Secretary

A very special thanks to Dr. Zubair as it was only due to some of his strict actions that the ratio of “khappa’s” comparing from last year was very little and the best part in these elections was that there was no division of class fellows. In the end, I would just like to say, for those who didn’t win it’s not the end. The manifesto that we gave was the same, just the words used were different, so let us join our hands and work together for the best thing possible.

TISF Reforms-Final Decision?

A lot has been already discussed on Quack! about the proposed TISF ammendments. To give you a much clearer view, we would now like to share the formal “documented proposal” in a point wise format which was presented on TISF Google group by Sarim Mehmood and soon will be discussed in front of the student body.

Kindly check out the following text and do come up with your comments on this as we have very little time left for the final decision….

Proposal for new TISF Reforms 2009

1.By dissolving all the present seats of the TISF, Independent Students Societies will be made including the few societies which are currently working example, Dramatics, Religious, Publications, literary societies and by adding the new ones.
2.These societies will have Non-Elected Presidents selected by the concerned students of the respective societies.
3.Instead of the President, GS, FS etc, a General Student Council will be elected which will bridge the gap between the students and the faculty/administration.
4.At least 7 council members will be elected. Continue reading “TISF Reforms-Final Decision?”