Whether or not you know me, vote for me!

Somebody whom you never saw, somebody who never saw you before, if comes along and gives you warmer than a warm hug then you know it undoubtedly that the annual TISF elections are around.

People come up stressing and pushing you to vote for their friends and class fellows and most amusingly their parting sentence is: ‘Hum aap ko force nahin kur rahay!

Nominees themselves ask you: ‘Have you decided? Are you with me? Are you voting for me?’
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TISF Elections around the corner

Ladies and gentlemen! The 2004 TISF Elections are around the corner and no one has decided whom to vote for! For this years elections, the hottest competition is for the position of General Secretary. Who will it be?!

Will it be the dashing, 5 foot 9 sexy second year with the sexy accent who makes the girls go crazy. Presenting Hilal Afridi, your favorite and mine!

Or will it be the 250 kg (chest 28 inches, waist 55 inches, even larger backside), and ever eloquent man who climbed up a ladder only to come back down (ask for details).The very man who dove into a pool only to empty the water. Presenting our other favorite, the hard working Mazhar Moosani!

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