The uncensored history of Valentine’s Day, by Matthew Sakey

TIPians get ready to celebrate what we hope to be a fun filled event on friday and lets see if you can tell the words to your Valentine.
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A real Hangama!

Friday, 12th September, was an eventful day at TIP. Freshmen were given a treat by the TISF, with free lunch followed by a movie, Hangama. In spite of senior students snatching away lunch coupons from the kids, a normal activity, most of them got away and I hope they would have enjoyed their day.

For the movie Hangama the Auditorium was chock full. The only time such a turn out was seen at a TISF movie was for Dil Chatha Hai last year. The TISF is looking for input from the student on how to make events even better next time.

The movie showing was real team effort with many students helping TISF members. Some of them are Asif, Imran, Irteza, Ghalib, Umair, Waqas, Faran, Mubashir, Fahim, Samran, Talha, Adeel, Masood, Ghazali, Adil, Hamad, Shayan, Mazhar, Rauf, and Raghib. Special thanks goes to Faizan, his friend, Hassan Ahmad, Raghib and the fresh hostlites who helped us in the movie show and its wind-up.

Thanx alot to all my TISF members for their efforts. Forgive me my friend if I might have missed your name, but thanx to you as well.