New and Improved Cafeteria

I have been thinking to write about the new improvements to the cafeteria by the newly formed cafeteria committee comprising of two of our most devoted faculty members Ms Rakhshanda Shah and Mr Mazhar Jamil, who I must say have devoted their lives whole-heartedly that student should get a better and healthy food to eat at Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Cafeteria also know as Eqbal Ahmed Student Center (for those who don’t know). Continue reading “New and Improved Cafeteria”

Elections – The Truth behind

The election are going to be announced very soon, but did we ever bothered to know that why do we have elections for TISF, why not let societies work independently, why do we have a TISF president, a general secretary and a finance secretary. and why do we have this TISF, whats the whole concept behind it.

Anyone, do you have an answer??? Continue reading “Elections – The Truth behind”

DC fails to establish order…

Not DC, they have failed years ago. I am talking about the Discipline Committee at Textile Institute of Pakistan, which is about to fail. The committee formed on the basis of the same ideology that of Pakistan’s army, when involved in internal affairs, suppress every voice when you have the power whether its right or wrong. I am very grateful to Dr. Zubair Bandukda, former president of Textile Institute of Paksitan, he left a year later I joined TIP. I still remember at our orientation when a student asked him about ragging, he said, “It’s banned here at TIP but we faced it and you have to face it. If it goes beyond the limit you have your choice to make”.

Few days back I heard that a complaint was logged against students and faculty members of the design department that senior students ragged them in presence of faculty and the faculty members were called by the academic coordinator that they fed the freshmen to the seniors to rag them. Where in fact senior students were ragged by the faculty members in front of the first year, that I would say was rather disrespecting them in front of the crowd gathered. Continue reading “DC fails to establish order…”

I love you TIP…..!!

There are certain experiences in life which you can never forget and my stay at Textile Institute of Pakistan was one of them. As I recall my memory, I can still remember my first day at TIP which was 28th August 2006 and now I have been through my last day at TIP as well which was 26th May 2010. A journey of four years. Four years of learning. Four years of exciting experiences. Four years of being with my friends. Four years of all the great incidents and event of which we were a part of. Four years of studies. Four years of this nostalgic campus. These four years are not just memorable, these years have made me a real person. A more mature and open person. Yes, I can feel the change in my self. I was a kid and Textile Institute of Pakistan has grown me up. I was nowhere and TIP gave me the direction. I openly confess here that I really appreciate and love this place which we all know with the name of TIP.

I would like to briefly cover each and every thing which will always keep reminding me about my association with TIP and which a part of this great learning environment is. Continue reading “I love you TIP…..!!”

TIP Cooking Competition, Comments by Faculty

It is very heartening that the work of students has been appreciated. Whatever good there was in the project was because of the students themselves. My basic objectives of the project assignment are:

1. To provide an opportunity to the students to apply the basic concepts of management.

2. To develop leadership abilities in them. As all the students cannot become leaders, yet they can become good followers by understanding the systems.

3. A successful project is not my target as people learn more by failure. The main idea is for them to understand whatwe nt wrong and how it could have been planned and/or executed better. This year, for example, they learned about the chain of command.

I acknowledge the support of all the faculty and staff for the successful execution of these projects, some of them are yet to take place. The positive role played by Saira Danish, Ali Hafeez, Seema Jilani, and Mohsin Raza is specially appreciated.

Saifuddin Kamran
Asst. Professor
Textile Institute of Pakistan Continue reading “TIP Cooking Competition, Comments by Faculty”

Frustrations all around!

By Waqas Bin Azhar, TMM4

I would like to start with the time, time just before TIP, when I was searching for some of good business schools in news paper, publications etc, then I found TIP ad in the Jung newspaper and thought to apply for it and fortunately cleared the test and interview. Since I had no information about TIP therefore I asked to some of people in textiles, they told to go for it, fortunately I did not find any chance to ask some of out of textile business people, any way I got admission in TIP and was very happy as I found very good environment in fact I was very much happy to see the top class and really quality faculty. But as the time passes, instead of increase in the happiness, the level of frustrations increases. You must be thinking that if I’ve been suffering from this stage then why I wrote this article so late??

The reason is, this frustration is now being overflowed and compelled me to put up my thoughts on Quack… I will be discussing those issues which need attention. These issues are related to the concern of existing student body. Continue reading “Frustrations all around!”