What is it about TIP that makes TIP, TIP?

What is the first thing that you get to hear when you tell someone that you are a grad or an undergrad from TIP?

Is it “ Uhm..can you tell me exactly where this is located?

Or, “Oh wow! Beautiful campus, hun! Wonderful lake that you have got there!”

Or,  “ Okay. I have heard Texperts are kindov spoilt; they aren’t as hardworking as NEDians you know”

Or, ” That’s nice, you know their designers are so much better than Indus.”

Or something else. Continue reading “What is it about TIP that makes TIP, TIP?”

Seeds of peace in a barren land?


Those who were present in the lecture theater on Wednesday 18th of March 2009, around 3:45 PM saw one of the reasons the state of the world (and particularly this country) is the way it is. The irony of the incident though, lies in the fact that this TISF slot was devoted to a talk supposedly meant to promote harmony and understanding. For what it’s worth- I can honestly say Aneeq (as Saram introduced him to me as) or Adnan (that’s the name the presentation was saved as) and other members of Seeds of Peace sure have their work cut out for them.

Seeds of Peace is an ambitious project with the aim of promoting peace and acceptance among young people in war-inflicted countries (like ours). Pakistan has the unique honor of being in a state of war within its political boundaries, as well as having hostile nations on both sides of the border, so this program- in a Utopian world- may actually help this country more than mass producing rocket launchers. In a Utopian world, of course, we’d be mass producing progressive, honest intelligent leaders that actually care about the country, and that sure as sin isn’t happening. Continue reading “Seeds of peace in a barren land?”

MEGATECH ’09 to start March 3

The 7th International Machinery Exhibition of Garment and Textile Technology (MEGATECH), Pakistan will begin on Tuesday, March 3, 2009, and is scheduled to remain open till Friday March 6. Federal minister for Pakistan textile industry, Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan will inaugurate the exhibition which will feature 450 companies from 28 countries.

Scheduled on March 4-5, ’09 is the 2nd International Technical Textiles Conference in which textile specialists from United Kingdom, Turkey, India and Pakistan will participate.

Textile scientists and academicians from Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Textile Research and Innovation Centre are all set for their active participation in the event where they will present their latest research on the development of technical textiles in Pakistan.

This year, TIP will also display selected posters highlighting final year students’ research projects at the ‘Knowledge Village Pavilion’ along with textile universities from all over Pakistan.

Disciplinary Committee: Should it be for students only?

Editorial Disclaimer: It has been brought to our attention by some people who C.A.R.E. that no TIP student with the name of Ali Ahmed Khan exists in TS4, and Quack! takes no responsibility of what this person has to say.

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bridge-play1-mediumBy Ali Ahmed Khan, TS4

To begin with I would like to give a brief introduction of TIP’s Disciplinary Committee.

Well, this is a panel of ‘cream of the crop’ faculty members of TIP. Although one member of this committee always remains there and i.e. the highly respected Mr. Umair Saeed. The intention of this committee/panel is to take action against any misconduct or wrongdoings in TIP by any ‘student’.

Yes you read it right, S-T-U-D-E-N-T.

Well the reason for writing this article is to ask the panel members, “Are students only responsible for any misconduct or wrongdoings that happen in TIP?”

The above questions sounds silly to many of you guys, but I will elaborate more, and make you understand why I have asked this question.

I know a student who was fined by this committee for using ‘abusive language’ in the cafeteria. I admit, this is not an appropriate act and should be punished. But my dear panel members, what would you do if a teacher uses words which a Master Saab of a peela school uses in a class of 25-30 students.

Is maintaining the discipline of TIP the job of students only???

Sometime back, a student was called in front of the panel as he had fought and wrangled with one his classmates.

Mr. Umair Saeed said to him, “Hum 400 log yahan pe pyaar mohabbat se nahi reh sakte to bohat sharam ki baat hai!”

The verdict for this issue came, and the student was Continue reading “Disciplinary Committee: Should it be for students only?”

More on Peasant Rights Rally – ‘The News’ reports

Covering the recent Sindhi peasant rights rally, The News mentions TIP and its support for this noble cause in good words:

Haris demand rights, not just freedom
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
By Urooj Zia

DEH JORIGI: The peasants who are part of the long march for land reforms are demanding their “due rights, and not just freedom.”

“There’s a difference between the two terms,” they explained. “When a Wadera (feudal lord) fears legal repurcussions, he sets Haaris free, but he does not give them what is due to them. He hopes that they will be so happy to not be bonded to him any more, they will simply get up and go to a camp, like they usually do. We don’t want just freedom. We want our rights too, we want to own the land, we want our due share in the produce, we want to be treated with dignity.” Continue reading “More on Peasant Rights Rally – ‘The News’ reports”

Common Grounds in the Religions of the World

Spring Semester 2009 again welcomed students with an intellectual and knowledgeable session which was held on 4th February 2009 in the TISF slot. Since it was the first activity slot of the semester; the event was not planned or decided. The lecture was given by our renowned visiting faculty and research coordinator Syed Qamar Zaidi on a marvelous topic “Common Grounds in the Religion of Worlds”. He had been giving this lecture all over the world and Pakistan and possessed a great intellectual stature over the topic.

He started the discussion in a strange way by giving the conclusion of his debate first. He said that there is not s single difference in the basic principles/code of conduct in all the religions. He said that any discrimination on the basis of anyone’s religion or cast is unjustified and any one can never kill or harass any other person on the basis of religion and faith. Qamar Zaidi continued with the discussion that in majority of the cases; land and the other things were considered responsible for fighting among the nations but in reality the difference of religions is the main ground for the fighting among the nations of the world. Mr. Zaidi continued by asking the definition of Allah/God from the audience sitting there and everyone gave their definition of the Great Almighty and no one was wrong either. Then the speaker gave his Continue reading “Common Grounds in the Religions of the World”