Another meaning to the term Rat Race

While the Oral Communication presentations were in progress in the auditorium (17 May), a little grey coloured creature was seen scurrying across the parapet of the ceiling and audaciously made its way onto the stage. Undaunted by this distraction, students continued with their presentations while the furry rodent kept darting to and fro. Try as we might, the animal refused to leave the premises.

Housekeeping Staff please take note of “intruders”.

The article has been contributed by Mrs. Shameem Noorani

Guess who I am talking about

In our beloved TIP there are so many things to be talked about and from all of them I am going to visualize and talk about a very important personality of TIP.

It was the first day of my second semester, I was so anxious to attend her class. From my very first day at TIP, I really liked her personality and the way she talks.
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