A drop of Life – Blood Drive ’10

“Donate generously” it always seem to come when you are asking for money, but there is always more to donate then what you have in your pockets. Thalassemia, an inherited disease that causes the hemoglobin level in one’s blood to fall and eventually takes him/her to death. The only thing helpful for a thalassemian patient for their survival is blood transfusion. The matter of life and death is controlled by Almighty Allah but, what we can provide is a drop of hope in the form of our blood to these people. Continue reading “A drop of Life – Blood Drive ’10”

Blood Drive 2010

Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan is arranging a blood drive this semester, Fall 2010. We have invited Burhani Blood Bank to conduct a blood drive on Thursday, September 30th, 2010.

Blood camp will be set up in the design display centre, first floor of cafeteria.

We hope that all students and faculty members of TIP will donate generously. We will be thankful for your support.

I love you TIP…..!!

There are certain experiences in life which you can never forget and my stay at Textile Institute of Pakistan was one of them. As I recall my memory, I can still remember my first day at TIP which was 28th August 2006 and now I have been through my last day at TIP as well which was 26th May 2010. A journey of four years. Four years of learning. Four years of exciting experiences. Four years of being with my friends. Four years of all the great incidents and event of which we were a part of. Four years of studies. Four years of this nostalgic campus. These four years are not just memorable, these years have made me a real person. A more mature and open person. Yes, I can feel the change in my self. I was a kid and Textile Institute of Pakistan has grown me up. I was nowhere and TIP gave me the direction. I openly confess here that I really appreciate and love this place which we all know with the name of TIP.

I would like to briefly cover each and every thing which will always keep reminding me about my association with TIP and which a part of this great learning environment is. Continue reading “I love you TIP…..!!”

Free Medical Camp

Rotaract Club of TIP conducted a free medical camp at Manghophir Karachi along with the collaboration of Child Health Foundation (CHF). Rotaract has always provided us with plenty of opportunities to serve humanity and meet new people belonging to different professions. Image243Serving humanity as a community service is something which always gives us that energy to do more and more. Same passion and energy took us to a free medical camp at a Madersah in Mangophir area of Karachi. Three Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan (Ahmed A Rehman, Rameez Ahmed Khan and Ibad-ul-Islam) were present to coordinate the medical camp along with CHF doctors.

We were told to gather at the Eesa Nagari clinic of CHF at 9:00 am sharp on 18th October 09. As it was my first experience of this kind, I was excited and I reached a good 20 minutes earlier and found no one to welcome me except a guy named Arshad who was a social worker and owns his own school. Later, medical students from Agha Khan and other volunteers start Continue reading “Free Medical Camp”

Polio Drive 2009

Hi everyone;

Rotaract Club invites you all again to “Polio Drive 2009” starting from Monday (27th July 09). Compaign will last till Friday (31st July 09) and whole zone will beff participating in the project. We will be going to Neelum Colony/City Railway Station Colony and the gathering point for all the participants is KFC Boat Basin. You are advised to reach by 7:30am on Monday and 8:00am on rest of the other days.

For more details;

Hope to see you there!

Anti tobacco Drive with Rotaract Awareness


Smoking is death and death is smoking. Smoking is merely another reason for taking your life from you. It is injurious to health and can cause various diseases that include “lungs cancer”. Pakistan, like the other countries, is also a victim of smoking. Pakistan has got thousand acres of tobacco fields in which not only it is harvested but is also packed and used locally as well as internationally. This custom of smoking is now very common in teenagers and youngsters. A majority of youngsters begins smoking as a fashion but later gets inclined and become habitual to it where in a lot of cases; smoking leads to severe form of drugs like heroin and charas. Moreover, smoking is also a waste of money in which we spend thousands of rupees each month on “smoke”. It is now a prime concern for countries like Pakistan which already have a high number list of chain smokers and drug addicts. If you consider yourself to fall under one of the above-mentioned categories, help4addiction addiction helpline number can help you get over it. Continue reading “Anti tobacco Drive with Rotaract Awareness”

Acknowledging Arts in Society

According to E.M. Forster:

“Works of art, in my opinion are the only objects in the material universe to possess internal order and that is why though I don’t believe that only art matters, I do believe in art for art’s sake.”

What I personally believe is that in order to recognize our own origin, we must appreciate the beauty within and around us. The Rotaract club of TIP held an interactive session on ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ARTS IN SOCIETY on 8th May 2009 at Mughal-e-Azam at around 5 in the evening.

The speaker for the evening was Mr. Saqlain Zaidi, who is an enormous contributor in the field of art history, world cinema history, 2D/3D animation and Digital sculpturing.

He is a lecturer at TIP, KU and Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture.

The session started off with a simple question: “Do you think art is controlled by a certain class in society?”

Through much thought, indeed it is controlled by the elite class and has long since the time of Renaissance.

We discussed on different issues as to why there are taboos and contradictions when it comes to view a simple painting on self-expression but at the same time we all are okay with a movie on an extremely obscene issue such as the Indian movie Dostana.

Continue reading “Acknowledging Arts in Society”