A semester in review.

Well this was one ‘hell’ *pun intended* of a semester wasn’t it? 

With the number of students being higher than EVER, the TISF being more active than we’ve seen in the past, the societies making an effort to come back to life and people actually representing tip and winning things, this semester was ALOT more ‘happening’ than the previous ones to say the least.

First and foremost, the night stay ban is still there after a whole semester and no one is really happy about that. Why? Refer to the previous article for that.

The intriguing part was seeing whether TISF performs or not and it would be safe to say that they did not disappoint.

Starting with sports, ALOT of teams went to NUST Olympiad representing TIP, Although they couldn’t win, ATLEAST we had some kind of representation so that’s a good thing. The overall sports section of TIP seems to be getting better with the new table tennis tables and tennis rackets, we can see random people playing cricket at random times or girls playing throwball which is comforting,  considering that for the past two years the only sports people were ever seen playing wns… cards. sometimes table tennis and badminton. so we’re doing pretty good here.

Some more representation came when for the first time in recent memory TIP was officially represented by a delegation in a (kind of an) MUN, and after that TIPs team won the second prize in an inter-University ‘presentation’ competition (MEGA 8) held and hosted by Bahria University so kudos to that too.

Overall we had 6 ‘events’ which included:

  1. Freshies and sports night at the same time.
  2. The Halloween night: Had great reviews overall and the arrangements were above average.
  3. A musical evening where Shehryar Shareef (4th year) performed.
  4. The bake sale which was organized independently by a group of students, which ended up being ALOT more fun than anyone expected and ultimately was successful.
  5. and funky Friday by paintoos.

Speaking of Paintoos, they tried to come back to life and did so with TIPs very own mannequin challenge that got around 15k views on Facebook. That was pretty amazing.

And last but definitely not the least was the beach party. after the rumors kept going for almost a month we were finally given an event in the form of beach party AFTER our papers.

Sure there were some issues with the transport which stopped it from being perfect. It was the kind of event where you’d feel sorry for the ones who missed it and it truly ended the semester with a bang.

If there was anything wrong with it, it was the fact that it ended 15 minutes before the clock even struck 10, the ones who arrived late due to transport issues would have certainly appreciated a little bit more time to completely enjoy the atmosphere.

Lesson Learned

During my time at TIP so far I’ve often come across the line, “its the management’s fault. They don’t do any thing.” But after a recent encounter that I had with the people in the administration block of our university, I found the case to be exactly the opposite.

Soon after the commencement of the present semester, TIP received an invitation from DOW University of Health Sciences to participate in their inaugural basketball tournament. As captain of TIP’s basketball team, I had the responsibility to shortlist 10 boys, purchase equipment and formalize the travelling arrangements. From what had been drilled into my head about the senior folks here at TIP, I anticipated the process would take too long…… but they didn’t even waste a minute.

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Unilympics ’10

An inter-university sports event was organized by NU-FAST at their main campus on 17th and 18th of March. Teams from TIP participated in three different games i.e. Futsul, Volley Ball and Table Tennis. Unfortunately, our volley ball and table tennis teams were not able to qualify to the next round, but our futsul team played really good and qualified for semi-finals after defeating PAF-KIET and the home team of NU-FAST, interestingly the decision for both the matches was made on penalty shootouts. Our goal keeper, Qasim and Arsalan defended very well against the shootouts of opponent team players.

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Unilympics ’10 at NU-FAST – DAY 1

Three teams from Textile Institute of Pakistan participated in Unilympics ’10 organised by NU-FAST. Unilympics is an inter-university sports competition in 5 different sports. TIP participated in Futsul, Volley Ball and Table Tenis. The Futsul team has qualified for semifinals that will take place at NU-FAST, main Campus tomorrow against Iqra University. While our Volley Ball and Table tennis teams played well, but were not able to qualify to the next round.


Picture 323

Games are healthy activity for young people, and they teach us how to be good at team work, Patience, and keep us healthy. Coming to the point Sportics organized Futsal tournament 09 this year it was a nice effort by Waqas (AMM2), Shariq (TS4), Qassim (TS1) and most importantly the TISF sports coordinator, Mr. Yousaf. The tournament started on Nov 2nd 8 teams participated.

I didn’t know we had people too concerned about sports and we still don’t have inter-university sport tournaments and not only this, I didn’t even find TIP participating at inter-university tournaments by other universities, except for the one last year at Bahria University, and I even heard that to take part in that tournament team put there money on stake rather than only putting their efforts.

Well getting back to the point and cutting it short, the semifinals were played between Apparel United and Dyno Muchy Party, Apparel united won by 4-1 and qualified for the finals one the other match was between Red Devilz and Pata Nahi ( Jeetain ge ya nahi), Pata Nahi lost by 0-5  and Red devilz qualified for final.

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Friday the 13th marks golden day in TIP sports history

13022009001While Friday the 13th may be a nightmare for the superstitious, TIP’s cricket team has no reasons to believe so after winning the final of Inter University Cricket Tournament against Behria University, and making their Alma mater proud. 2165_2663820274114545725_7473_nThe tournament was organized by NU-FAST Business School.

Quack! on behalf of its entire team congratulates Captain Azhar (AMM4), and his team consisting of Khurram Hussain (AMM2), Saad Idrees (TMM1), Wahaj Patel (TMM2), Sajjad Mehdi (TS3), Ahmer Amin (TS2), Amer Butt (TMM4), Yousuf Omer (AMM4), Ahsan Karim (AMM3), Qaseemuddin Chawla (TS4), Saad Talat (AMM3), Ahmed Ali (TS3) and Bilal Ahmed (TS3) for their wonderful success!

Keep it up!

The TISF Constitution

This is for all those non believers who said that there is no such thing as democracy in the TISF, Quack! Online has the TISF Constitution for you to download. Read it and let us know what your thoughts are on it.

Download the TISF Constitution.