Utter humiliation

Ali Kazmi, Textile Science ’07

As a freshman, when I first entered the TIP campus 4 years ago, my batch got the warmest welcome any freshmen batch could get… apart from ragging thingy! What attracted me most was the day when some Texperts were called on the campus to have some on-stage chit chat with the newcomers to boost their confidence after deciding to enter the textile world – especially TIP!

It was really good to see the president of TIP welcoming those TEXPERTS by comparing the event with the ‘…home coming of the daughters and sons (of TIP)..’. I, as an individual thought about the love and attention we were to get during our stay at the campus after that freshmen gala!

Sadly, now, I stand behind the fence of my own beloved campus Continue reading “Utter humiliation”

Work Study for Garments Industry

“Work Study for Garments Industry” is a training workshop organized in Karachi by ASI/URS Pakistan. The goal is to allow organizations to lower their operating costs and increase profits while reducing production time. Continue reading “Work Study for Garments Industry”

Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006 Followup

With 110 people showing up and the post-dinner response , I am glad that the Texperts dinner was a success. Although some people wished not to register at the event, most people did which is a good sign and shows promise for the future.

I have been racking my brains for the last three weeks trying to think up a new plan to get Texperts back together. I think a dinner on Eid is a definite plan but also I would like to welcome anyone with a proposal. Maybe a management training program. Maybe something like a talk on textiles by some expert.

Please propose something soon so that the enthusiasm shown at the dinner does not die away.

Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006 report

It’s never too late to initiate something positive and that’s what it took the TIAF (Textile Institute Alumni Forum) proved when they organized a dinner on the 29th of April 2006 hosted at Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi.

As anticipated, the turnout was reasonably good with about 110 attendies representing every class that has graduated since 1998.

The reunion reaffirmed the need for more such events and gatherings to make this networking more effective as it needs to be. I must say, hats off to Shujaat Alavi for pulling off a great reunion. It felt great to be amongst our mentors, Dr. Zubair Bandukda and Madam Asiah as well as Dr. Hafiz ur Rehman Sheikh, Dr. Pervaiz Abbas and Dr. Abdul Jabbar along with other faculty members.

All in all the evening was great but what should come next is a question that needs to be answered by you. Share your views, comments and suggestions on what you think should be done?

Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006


The annual Texperts Reunion Dinner has been confirmed for April 29, 2006 at the Muslim Gymkhana (tentative venue, subject to confirmation of attendance). The time is 8:30 pm, and registration is Rs. 1000 for you and one guest. Please confirm your attendance. Continue reading “Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006”

Job Hunting Excersise

Every year of my five years at TIP, many students from the graduating class would come to me to ask “Sir, kaunsa job karna chahiyeh,” or “dyeing mein sub say ziadah salary miltee hai na?” and I would go through a long exercise with them. But since I am not there this year, and just in case you do need help, here is a little checklist:

* Think of the various kinds of jobs in terms of what you will be doing 5 years from now (NOT in terms of what you will be doing upon joining), and in which possible directions they can lead you.
* For each job in #1, think of one person that does that job and has been in that direction for 5 years. If you don’t know a person in the field, either research or imagine. Now think of this person’s responsibilities, routine, work timings, pay, lifestyle, and career direction.
* Now for the most important part. Understand what kind of work will suit you best. For instance, if you are a people’s person, you may want to head toward marketing; if you are into problem solving, you may like merchandising; if you are into technology, you may like dyeing etc.
* Always remember, no matter what job you choose, you will not get a good salary in the long-term for the job you get, but for what the job gets from you.
* Finally, you will spend more time at work than at home. Pick you career wisely.

There are about six months to graduation. Start hunting!!! Good luck to all.

An Ad:Aamil Bangali Kaka “Texpert”, B.sc textiles

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