Freddy Friday- TIES Bake sale’14

November started in TIP with a boom. First was TIES bake sale, Freddy Friday, then came Winter Venture. However, let’s talk about Freddy Friday.

Freddy Friday was held on last Friday i.e November 14, 2014. And alas all the glamour, retro and chick theme it was a homey event *saying in a positive manner*.

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Zain Goplani in TIPtalk

Team TiES feels great proud in giving the students of this institute some very productive and informative personalities consecutively over the past few weeks so that the students should move along the competitive world by their personal grooming and motivation to be a remarkable representation of Textile Institute of Pakistan. A recent example was the session of TIPtalk where the students enjoyed, shared, mingled shouting out loud with what they think their strengths are, and were influenced by the deep voice and influencing words of Mr. Zain Goplani. On the other hand, we feel ashamed on some bad habits of the students here that they were late and most were absent giving off a low strength to such a person who could have changed their lives.

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Zain Mustafa mesmerized TIP

TIP witnessed a great day of this leap year on a date we wait for four years to come. Apart from its importance, one of the most successful sessions of TIP Talk were held and organized by team TIES which had a turnout of about 150 students along with some dispersed faculty in the lecture theatre to control the discipline. Obviously, many didn’t know about the speaker they were about to listen and be surprised and inspired from.

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GIA pros visit TIP

 Another session of TIP Talk was held in the past week which was much more humor oriented for the students rather than informative. A group of people representing the firm GIA, roamed around the auditorium and spoke on various topics in which their firm holds excellence. Not much of us knew about them and the contribution they did for our Apparel and Fashion Department when it was being set up.

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Are business schools killing the entrepreneurial spirit?

‘Are business schools killing the entrepreneurial spirit?’, Kazim Alam explores this thought on Express Tribune Business Pages by building up on the results of a recent survey highlighting management students’ aversion from venturing into the entrepreneurial realm.

KARACHI: During an interactive session held in connection with the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011, the moderator asked a sizeable group of management students present in the audience if they wanted to be entrepreneurs after graduation.

Hardly 20% replied affirmatively. The rest of them said they would rather get a secure job, preferably at a multinational, which promised a steady income and growth.

Are our business schools turning out good employees while killing the entrepreneurial spirit of potential business leaders of tomorrow?

According to Haris Hamdani – who graduated from a private university in 2009 and now runs a clothing brand for men namely Red Tree – career counselling at the undergraduate level was more about getting a stable job instead of entrepreneurship.

“As such, there was no encouragement to be an entrepreneur. There was not even an entrepreneurs’ society at my university. I’ve heard now they’ve established one,” said Hamdani, who set up his first retail outlet at Dolmen Mall on Tariq Road in July 2010 in partnership with three of his classmates. Continue reading “Are business schools killing the entrepreneurial spirit?”

Salman Alvi visits TIP

Photo Credits: Saman Salman (TDT2)

 Another step towards the betterment of the students, another day at the auditorium in the presence of a multi-talented, diverse and inspiring speaker who on one hand is well renowned for his vocals in the classical genre and on the other hand, a marketing executive and the founder of a remarkable marketing firm.

The recognized ghazal singer Salman Alvi visited TIP and shared with us his diverse experience and knowledge regarding the pursuit of happiness that everybody seem to be participating in, especially in professional life. Along with some conventional inspiring content shown in his signature way, he also shared with us his passion of music and its importance along with some real life chemistry that relates to music being a remedy to a mature mind.

Following a brief introduction given by his former MBA classmate Mr. Fariq Mukhtar, Mr. Alvi was handed over the rostrum to continue with the session. He presented his mind provoking series of questions regarding the barriers of change and innovation referred by him as “E-Novation” followed by some relevant poetic phrases regarding the subject. This was succeeded by the urge of change with respect to the current time and the incoming future. Continue reading “Salman Alvi visits TIP”