Keep Staring. This font might be female.

In the United States, everyone is sexless.

Or maybe- and I’m just spitballing here — they don’t think women are so rare that they deserve to be stared at like crazy. After all, 50% of their population is female! Imagine!?

But then, the male to female ratio is the same here…

So why, and I’ll repeat this for emphasis, why do Pakistani men insist on staring at every women/girl/transsexual/slightly effeminate creature that crosses their path?

And if the women/girl/transsexual/slightly effeminate creature was seminally attractive I might not be ranting right now; after all ogling good-looking people is quite normal… but yesterday I actually watched men turning their heads while a shuttle-cock burqa-posh woman passed by. The question that should pop into any sane mind: what on earth are they staring at?

Believe it or not, this isn’t an unusual occurrence. Our former maid, who was at least a hundred pounds overweight and travelled in a black tent that eventually gave her TB, would often complain of men following her on motorcycles and asking her whether she needed a lift (a crane more likely *bitchy me grins*). Khaer, is just knowing that there is a woman inside that abaya or burqa enough to give her the relentless staring sequence? Do men get turned on even by what they imagine to be inside? Really?!

Or maybe it’s the walk that attracts them. Yeah, could be. I mean, they can’t see her. And she’s walking. So I guess that’s the logical conclusion.

But I’m not walking on Facebook, or Orkut.

I got this message on Facebook recently, (I’ve completely given up orkut) from this dude named Osman:

Salam, well i am a new user on facebook. I am looking for a true, special and harmless friend, one who can see right through my eyes,who can touch my soul, who can feel my eyes, who can penetrate deep down my thoughts. With whom i can share my inside and out without any fear. One who can stand by me forever. As u know fate decides our relatives, we choose friends ourself, so i need a friend of my dreams. A friend who can be sincere before whom i can think out loud. I am a person who dont like fame nor crowed rather a corner of peace with few but special friends. I feel friendship is like strings of violine, the music may stop but the strings will last forever. I need a friend with whom i can share my secrets deep, who can be a shoulder to cry on when the days are blue. One who can only see me in crowed who can hear only me in noise. I will give calm and comfort n will be by ur side even when the whole world will be against u, i will protect u and with unselfish love i will protect u. I assure u that for me ur dignity and respect will be more dear then my own. I am a person who have two treasures in life one is my smile and other is my tears, my smile is for others and my tears are just for me. I can change ur frown into a smile, when u r down. I will understand ur little trials and will lend a hand. I will share ur litte dreams cuz i care. For me u will be gold, i will give all love ur heart can hold. U will never be alone, i will be near to u, all u need is to call, i will always be there for u. so if u think u have similar thoughts n u need similar kinda friend, then do reply me, even if not then always keep smiling cuz u know ur smile is great source of oxygen for ur loved ones, i wish life treat u kind and u will have all u wish for n above all this i wish love and respect of all. Allah Hafiz

Anybody who actually reached the end of it, please mail me a summary. I didn’t bother reading past the first sentence.

And, I’m not walking when I’m answering my cell phone. There are 12 numbers on my screened list. People who’ve randomly called my number and decided they liked the tone of my voice, and thus also decided they could be my “treu frand”.

I’m sorry. I don’t talk to strangers. And sadly, no girl you’d actually tell your parents about and wish to marry would talk to strangers either. You couldn’t trust someone like that. Funny, you can play around as long as you want, and expect your life partner to be spotless. Oh right…, but you’re not here to play, you’re out to make ‘treu frands’.

This isn’t a feminist outburst. It’s a human outburst. It’s a request to be treated as a human. We’re asking for the right to look pretty without feeling dirty, surrounded by a hundred eyes, which aren’t admiring…they’re undressing. The right to not be male and not feel guilty about it. I would assume extraterrestrials would be stared at if they ever decided to visit Earth on vacation. maybe someone with multiple piercings on their face might also be the focus of a lot of pedestrian attention…I know I’d be pretty interested if I saw a leather-clad flamingo walking down Zaibunnisa street. But a girl? Don’t you have one of those at home? Oh, not that one? Err…ok, how is she any different?

And so. That’s what you do. You stare at any female-looking thing that accidentally steps out of her home; have a few disgusting thoughts about her, laugh to yourself, then go back and tell your sister or daughter to wear a burqa when she goes for tuitions. You know what men are like. You’re one of ‘em.

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