Ode to the rectangular-bricked curve
To the pond that’s niched in the wet-green lush
To second floor view of seven patterned plants
That umbrellas calmly in assorted parasols
Ode to the flow of varnished wood strip
Depressed midway in the interior of the walls

Ode to the sound of water gushing
From a kingly intrusion of a pathway fountain
And one at the centre with a women’s pride.
The alcove set apart for wild palette mix
Juxtaposed and contrasted with polished tiles
Softness with concrete; colors with white!

8 Replies to “Ode”

  1. Its incomplete.
    Add your stanzas.
    make it silly,
    grammatically or politically correct or incorrect or whatever
    but do add something.

  2. Ode to the plentiful walkways so rich in length and crunch
    I dare you to spend a night strolling about them
    In ghosts you’ll develop more than a hunch
    A tower that once sought a clock to look perfect
    Needs no more a mate to stand proudly erect

    Day and night, night and day, Google Earth will always think of it as a rusty needle in HAY!!

    (How quickly I get bored:P)

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