The Memory Lane

(Written by my 14 years old sister Rimsha Mehmood)

A singular notion was dawned upon me…betrayal. My thoughts wandered in the fields of gloom and misery. The infidelity crossed the boundaries. The intensity of pain increased as the lava of hatred boiled up inside me. These emotions were so strong that tears started flowing from my soar eyes. I could hear the whistling of the wind as it played with the flowers. I could not bear the silence any more, as it sucked away the all the happy memories inside me…perhaps this was a wrong sentence to bring into play ,I had no blissful moments preserved in my heart. My heart was sealed with sorrow and distress. I got up from my bed and made towards the window which protected but not separated me from the frosty and blustery weather of December. I stood there watching the birds fly high and the trees trying to catch them but they failed for they too were enchained.

I tried hard to ignore my reflection in the window… perhaps it was the failure that articulated the obscurity on my pale face. Perhaps it was that failure that imprisoned me from the outer and much joyful world. I started thinking about the difference between perception and reality…the difference between my dream world and the world in which I was trying to exist. But now my dreams were shattered by those deadly nightmares about death, hatred and pain. I thought how it would be to have a person to whom I could open up my heart to.. I thought of having a walk to console myself. As I stepped outside, strong icy winds welcomed me.

As I walked down the memory lane, lamentable thoughts shadowed me. The leaves crushed under my feet as I was crushed by the burden of this life. Those dark somber clouds covered the bright stars on the sky which caused darkness everywhere. The weather reflected what I was feeling. My walk took me to the little lake near my house. The water was dark and still. Suddenly excitement flooded into me. The escape was lying right in front of me. I took some more steps that took me to the edge of the lake. My heart was beating fast and my body was shivering like a fish without water. I couldn’t think anymore, it was as if my body machine had stopped working. The desire to escape from this cage of the life amplified. I wanted to end all those sufferings and tortures. As I stepped into the deep dark water my body became stiff. But everything was over now. I sank deeper and deeper under the water and then…darkness fell over my eyes. The chains that had imprisoned me for so long broke and the prisoner was free…I was free.

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  1. Dudette, please stay away from your brother I know he’s depressing but don’t take things too personally!! 😛

  2. beautifully stuning piece of writing…and that from a 14 year old…..a bit mind boggling but very well written….

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