I am sure that you will vote for me!

by Hassan Khalid TS3

“What the heck? Elections are upon us again.” These words were uttered by an ordinary entity (me) as soon as I heard that we are again on the verge of this wicked game that in political dictionary finds it’s presence as the elections. Who says that the dirtiest possible leg pulling & back stabbing is witnessed when elections are held on the national level? Just what you have to do is look around and ponder a little on what’s going around nowadays in our campus. If still someone is reluctant or unable to ponder (due to the fear of chewing his brain out, smiles) then I can very well do the task. Back biting, false claims, dirty brain washing and summing up all “an unending battle with an unclear objective” is making waves every where.

During elections, groupings & relations are being strengthened & broken on the basis of the commitments that one makes with a panel or a person. The game is all about persuading the others to vote for the so called father figures; who are usually thought to be the privileged & blessed ones. No offence but my point of view is that they are merely Puppet Kings governing the stooge governments.

The most vulnerable creatures that find themselves in a complete mess (without being sexist as I’m not leaving women behind).Had I to term them as something regarding these election ; there isn’t a better word than a donkey whose reins are being held by the seniors(yes I also remember that while I was in first year I also passed through the same donkey phase). These freshmen after being bullied and ragged from the start of their tenure at this university find themselves for the first time in a prestigious position where seniors are repeatedly coaching them and asking them for favours. But little do they know that as soon as they cast their votes they again throw the ball in the senior’s court and they are nothing but puppets again. Yes, that’s heart wrenching but it’s a reality.

What pinches me the most is that we are struggling for a cause that never was, we are raising issues that never were and we are voting for those who never will be ours. If you find yourself affirmative with my views then I’m sure that you’re going to vote for me by sending me your comments.