The Dramatics Within

by Dleep Kumar Rathore TS2B

During the lunch and Friday prayer break a group of first year students came and asked me about the importance of the TISF and its elections held annually which I deeply appreciated. I assumed my reply had satisfied these youngsters and had created a desire amongst them to work for the TISF in the coming year not knowing what was going through their minds.

Last Friday the speech session for the upcoming elections was held. The session which everyone was waiting for started inside the auditorium after the prayer break. There was a delay in proceedings, however, eventually things went underway with the moderator (G.S TISF) inviting the candidates to deliver their speeches. The crowd was so noisy that none of the candidates could deliver their speeches properly until the moment when candidates for the seat of president TISF were invited. After their respective speeches, the question and answer session started or should I say the drama started. Just as in a drama there is a villain and hero, we had two candidates one (the villain) from the ruling party (i.e. current TISF supporters) and the other candidate (the hero) from textile design (for the first time in TISF history) representing textile design and sciences jointly, especially second year science and management.

As the questions (controversial and personal most them) were thrown at them one by one by different students, the atmosphere inside the auditorium got heated. Though it was encouraging to see the students taking such interest in TISF activities, the questions became so personal and one sided at one point that either the session should have been called off or such silly questions should have been censored or dishonored by the moderator.

As I have mentioned earlier that it was more of a drama session than a speech session, and therefore the critical twist in the story had to take place. During one controversial question, the moderator not only supported the question but also became a part of it and started telling stories to the students against one poor candidate as if the host had held a personal feud with him. Such personal and one sided attitude of the TISF and its G.S was alarming and those who behaved in such a manner should have been ashamed of their behavior.

It should also be noticed that none of the faculty members were present, or at least the TISF coordinator should have been there. Had this happened that day I am sure such incidents would not have taken place.

At the end of it all I was left wondering how that group of first year students would be thinking and reacting to my answer to their question.

2 Replies to “The Dramatics Within”

  1. I fully agree with Mr. Dilip Kumar, my long time old friend.

    But i want to correct him at one point. Designers were first represented in TISF elections BY mr. Adil Saleh Mohammad who contested for the post of Fnance Secretary in 2001. Later Miss Maria Akhter won the TISF seat for Social Scretary in 2002. SOcial Seat was once again won by Noor-ul-Ain (from first year in 2002*2003) and in 2003 elections Miss Tazeen (if i am not forgetting her gud name) won for the post of SS the same elections Naeem Bukhari from fourth year designers stood for the TISF elections. Not to forget the stalwart personality of Mr. Bukhari and he being favorite to win..but like Ahsan he lost too!

    so designers have represented quiet a number of times!

  2. Dear Kashif

    Yes you are right! I made a mistake and you corrected me. Ahsan indeed was not the first person ot represent T. Design in TISF. Thanks

    And I guess this quack platform is the best medium for communication b/w us … right?

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