To hell with elections. Get a life people!

by Sadaf Haque TMM2

Elections! The filthy politics and its parasites have clutched everyone in its jaws once again. One steps into the campus and finds people sitting at their certain addas in tolies grabbing people passing by and asking them who they are voting for. People whispering in ears, conspiring and fabricating plots against each other, it’s just too much. I just can’t take it. For crying out loud we all belong to the same institution and should have same values when it comes to behavioral acts. These are the second elections that I am being forced to bear.

People consider voters preys to be grabbed and fed to the balloting room. People especially boys of the 1st year are scared that they might be caught by the supporters of any political party then be subjected to torture or threats incase they openly refuse support to the opposition.

This year the competition circumferences the TMM and AMM eligible to stand for the Finance Secretary position which has not only given birth to an urge of antagonism in the hearts of sciences but also discouraged the candidates who were planning to stand for the said post. They not only have considered it an attack on their ego but also their identity.

At TIP, it gets difficult to explain to people the logical theories behind one’s intentions for why one is competing for a particular position. A candidate of ours from (I am sorry to say) 3rd year has come up with an insane logic to trick people into voting for him as General Secretary. I think you might have figured out who the gentleman is. The point under consideration being that one should go and explain to him that the construction of a mosque, in no way should be his criteria to grab votes. This is not a TISF responsibility. Nor can he generate enough funds to even build half of it. Had it have not been for one of our sane gentleman at the speeches who rejected the criteria and asked everyone not to consider the above mentioned option the story would have gone way off track. It was similar to showing an uneducated group of people a dream of becoming the best scholars in the world. People I ask you, has your brain stop functioning? Have you even given this matter the slightest thought?

Similarly there are two candidates competing for the post of TISF president. The stage on speech day seemed to be more of a battlefield where the candidates were being bombarded by personal grudges rather than a sane and peaceful political platform. One opponent was being blamed of being incapable of doing anything at all, deviating everyone’s attention from the point that the other was equally incompetent. The moderator showed biases by only handing the mike to one of the candidate’s supporters to ask questions. Moreover, the fact that he passed personal remarks on the candidate was purely an act of irresponsible and immature behavior. Being at such a post one should have kept his comments to himself.

People keep on bragging about what they will do during their tenure and in the end come up with nothing but lame excuses such as unavailability of funds and lack of student participation, hence placing the entire blame of their failure on others rather than accepting their very own poor governance or mismanagement of teams and resources.

We all think that the social secretary is incapable of doing anything at all but this time lets see who wins, the EVENT MANAGER comes up with what replenishing ideas to entertain us. Concerts my fellow students are not the only worthwhile events. There are many other ideas that can be entertained that require no budget at all.

The sports secretary who also has won unopposed will be I hope coming up with enthusiastic events to lighten up the year after the vacations and bring to us the standard of other institutions and colleges capable of competing in university level competitions. We need intercollegiate competitions please. TIP needs recognition.

Finally we come up to the last post of publication secretary who too is unopposed along with debates. Here I would like to mention the tragedy with our present to be debate secretary who due to his irresponsible attitude towards studies and imbued enthusiasm towards elections last year was awarded a probation hence leading to his dismissal from the post of finance secretary. I just hope this doesn’t happen this year too. The publications secretary however is left to be still tested but it gives us relief to hear his name since he has been working the entire year for the magazine and has a superb team to contribute to and delegate authority to.

In the end I would just like to suggest to people to lighten up and get a life since they are just university elections and not a battle for life. One should keep aside hostel hostilities and forget discrimination on the basis of the abodes one resides in. Everyone is equal and should be provided with equal opportunities and the liberty to vote and choose rightly instead of being fed with all they ask for and in the end sell their votes to the most worthless and undeserving candidate.

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  1. nothing left to say sadaf..u have done it all great!…one more thing ..these seats arnt mean to hurt anyones feeling and this election isnt the event where people dig there personal grudges out!…be sincere…gentle …kind ..and above all abhore all hypocracies…this is the way we are gona counter the hype of elections in TIP…

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