A real Hangama!

Friday, 12th September, was an eventful day at TIP. Freshmen were given a treat by the TISF, with free lunch followed by a movie, Hangama. In spite of senior students snatching away lunch coupons from the kids, a normal activity, most of them got away and I hope they would have enjoyed their day.

For the movie Hangama the Auditorium was chock full. The only time such a turn out was seen at a TISF movie was for Dil Chatha Hai last year. The TISF is looking for input from the student on how to make events even better next time.

The movie showing was real team effort with many students helping TISF members. Some of them are Asif, Imran, Irteza, Ghalib, Umair, Waqas, Faran, Mubashir, Fahim, Samran, Talha, Adeel, Masood, Ghazali, Adil, Hamad, Shayan, Mazhar, Rauf, and Raghib. Special thanks goes to Faizan, his friend, Hassan Ahmad, Raghib and the fresh hostlites who helped us in the movie show and its wind-up.

Thanx alot to all my TISF members for their efforts. Forgive me my friend if I might have missed your name, but thanx to you as well.

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  1. keep up the good work hostelites ………….. keep up the Tradition , and TISF can u play some else then DIL CHATA HAi , I mean there definitely can be hell of good movies other than this …any ways have fun. tc

  2. Last year when Dil Chahta Hai was being played a group of some students (mainly seniors)sat in the corridor and listened to a freshmen (that is me)to what he was saying about some Islamic rules and regulations but unfortunately this did’nt happen this time for I was not available but don’t worry im coming in the next semester inshallah and I will certainly do somthing about it.
    Best Regards TO All

  3. DIL CHAHTA HAI was screened last year, why all the students are under this impression that it will be again shown? (atleast the comments made me think that way). When that amir khan, saif and akhsyae’s flick was shown and became a succes, i had the honor of being the GS of the then TISF but even glad i am to see the new TISF under saboor and Irfan doing so well. Various websites, MIRC channels, quack online , and getting news from my juniors is making an impression on me that TIP is really heading towards success now with so much inovative minds. Abid! I said last time too and this time again i wanna show you a thumbs up.. you people are doing a great job!

    THEY SAY,the auditorium was chock full and the event was a success…
    I SAY ,not bcoz the movie was good, but bcoz the auditorium wasn’t enough to accommodate all(remember we had the biggest batch this year.hmmm)….most of them kept yelling….DCH….DCH…DCH!!!!…i guess you don’t know what they meant….it waz…Dil Chaahtha Hai!……
    NOW YOU’LL SAY….we played DCH before….
    AND I SAY….the movie was worth playing many times again……
    …….simply boring!!!

  5. it was R3aLLy a reAl hunGAma at the stAirs of ouR FAvo Audotorium….hanGAma roX:)as Being a fresh men i was Stuuned to see such a Huge turn ouT…Kair soooRy pals …i GueSsed it RoooooNg..it WAsnt Dil CahTA hAi…buT hanGama waSnT bAd eNOugH…WASIe MEra to GALLA hi BEth GAya Hai Cheek cheeek Kay …hope Will mEEt Sooon AgaIn…Ali kazMe TS-1A

  6. its really wonderful to see tipians doing constructive activities. ur weblinks n new societies are a good step further…and must b appreciated.
    Dears, this is a very good time to use ur resources for much important things..like u can arrange for weekly or bi monthly lectures of ppl from industry..like any senior texpert ,,who can tell u about real feel of the environment n share his experience..our senior texperts r atsuch positions that their guidance will do a lot for u
    This activity can be done on regular basis and ppl like of 99`n 2000`batch r willing to come. make a sheer bond with those oldies…its fruitful.
    enjoy living in in TIP

  7. ***** welll ireally enjoyed that movie and that was the only movie arranged for the freshmen by the TISF in the Auditorium so just Iwant that Tisf just arrange more…………..***** well the movie was wonderful and mind blowing********

  8. main bach gaya!!main bach gaya!!main bach gaya!!tum log pitay!!achcha hoa!!thnx GOD!!i was apsent..

  9. tamam pitnay walon!!aap apni applications submit kara den..aap ka illaj TISF k kharchay par kara den gay…but ye is yr 3rd time hai…so b careful..

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