A talk by Mr. Nasir Bhalla

by Saad Ali

Friday 25th February 2005 proved to be another informative and constructive day for the final year students particularly, as they had a chance to hear the director operations YTM, Mr. Nasir Bhalla. The speaker embarked upon the current trade scene with reference to textile and clothing business. He stressed upon the need for Pakistan’s textile industry to encourage innovation and research if it wanted to stay competitive and profitable. The speaker forecasted supply chain management as the biggest challenge in coming years. According to him the time period for the production and shipment of goods would be required to reduce as retailers demand would go up. For example Wal Mart would give 14 days to complete the order, JC penny, 7 days and Target would pick up goods anytime from the factory’s inventory. The lecture followed with some smart and thought provoking questions by the students among whom Ali Raza Merchant, Saad Ali and Ahsan Bari were prominent.

2 Replies to “A talk by Mr. Nasir Bhalla”

  1. hi students
    that was really a informative day for 4th years (only for thoes whoi attented) i wished that whole the university be present their and get the adds of that. but any how that was a great time to have such a person among us. rearly i tip such pepple come and this was i thing after years break that a professional came to TIP and addressed. i thing TIP and pertcularly TISf sould arrange such thing rather missing the only single slot in TIP’s hactic studies hours. TISF have already missed lot of weeks and i thing now at this time TISF spacially the PRESident TISF sherry should take steps. this is aour last semester and we have very short time to enjoy. after that we misght not have such oppourtunities. so plz SHERRY thing about it and DOOOOOOOOOOO some thing

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