Achievements recognized

Certificates were awarded to particular students for their academic and sports achievements in a ceremony held at the main campus on 15th September 2004. Students were recognized for their sports activities (runners up, for tournaments we were supposed to take part in but didn’t and for a 101 other reasons) and also for their academic achievements for the spring semester 2003 and the fall semester 2004. This award ceremony which has become a ritual attracted about 230 students, 182 awards were supposed to be given out while many sportsmen were given 3 or more awards for taking part in a number of sporting activities.

Most of those who attended this ceremony walked out with at least one certificate and some of them didn’t even know why they were honored. The academic awards went on smoothly, in this case only those students were recognized who actually scored a GPA good enough to be enlisted in the dean’s or the president’s list.

Too many certificates were given away on the occasion; even the President deserved one for giving away a record number. Perhaps the motive behind the occasion was not only to recognize the best but also to thank the participants.

Those who didn’t win anything need not worry coz they were the unique ones, the very few who escaped this hap hazard ceremony without a certificate:)

At the end everyone was happy, those honored were given a treat in the cafe. Such rituals are a good sign that this institution encourages active participation in all other walks as well other than studies, especially sports which does need a lot of attention. However the fate of the recognition for the debate competition and the dramatics competition which TIP won at IBA still remains uncertain. It is quite strange that the strangest of achievements were recognized in this ceremony but no heed was paid to those who made their mark on foreign soil.

Congratulations to all students for their achievements. All the best to future sportsmen and achievers.

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  1. Salaam,
    very true adil, it was a messed up event. At least somebody realized the fact that the academic awards shouldn’t be mixed up with the substandard sports events because even the extras were honored dat day.

  2. Can u believe even I got a couple of certificates. I was surprised when I got them aur wahan tou Aysa lag raha tha jaysay langar bat raha ho.

    well ADIL you are quite right that everyone walked out with a certificate (including mee)… usually after recieving a certificate one should be proud of himself which i was too until the final words spoken by Mr. President for those who recieved awards for performing well in the sports i wished i wouldn’t have got that certificate…but i think he was quite right especially after what we all saw that afternoon…i think that ceremony was arranged for a bunch of our final year students who got all the certificates i dont think i have to mention their names:P…..i’ll also agree with you on the issue of bebates & dramatics its really very disappointing to know that our students who proved that TIP possess gr8 talent were not recognized….i still remember that a lunch was arranged in the honour to those who participated in the debate competition (cafeteria mein hi sahi) but im so sorry for TALHA & you ADIL that after recieving the BEST CONCEPT AWARD in the dramatics competition at IBA…no one congratulated you guys & i think most of the people still don’t know this fact….after the words spoken by Mr.President on that ceremony i dont think you will ever get any recognition except that of being in the DEAN’s LIST…..but no hard feelings keep on trying & may success alwayz be yours atleast you guys got the recognition on the FOREIGN SOIL…TIP mein nahi tou na sahi woh kehte hain naa “GHER KI MURGHI DAAL BARABER”

  4. yes adil i agreed with u and other people(who dont know whts truth) b/c u saw one side of picture and i dont know y u people dont wanna see other side…..truth seeker thanx for telling, 4th year arranging this event but surprisingly we dont know we arranged that event…ha ha ha……actually humain khood aik din phalay patachala kay aisa kuch hoo nay wala hai aur isi din confirm hooa kay waqai aisa kuch hoo raha hai….
    aur jahan tak certificates ka tallook hai we welcome to concern people to cheak them out whts wrong with certificates(not academics)…..i asked to mr.BD.saleem for cheaking but he was not agreed(i dont know y…?)
    but i dont wanna give more explanation abt this….(and any body wants more explanation meet me without any fear)
    magar main yeh zaroor chaoon ga kay KAMAL S.S humarey expriences say faida uthay….
    and i wish is dafa tip main sports last time say bhi ziada aur achay hoon gay INSH ALLAH….
    take care my lovely fellows……

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