Anti tobacco Drive with Rotaract Awareness


Smoking is death and death is smoking. Smoking is merely another reason for taking your life from you. It is injurious to health and can cause various diseases that include “lungs cancer”. Pakistan, like the other countries, is also a victim of smoking. Pakistan has got thousand acres of tobacco fields in which not only it is harvested but is also packed and used locally as well as internationally. This custom of smoking is now very common in teenagers and youngsters. A majority of youngsters begins smoking as a fashion but later gets inclined and become habitual to it where in a lot of cases; smoking leads to severe form of drugs like heroin and charas. Moreover, smoking is also a waste of money in which we spend thousands of rupees each month on “smoke”. It is now a prime concern for countries like Pakistan which already have a high number list of chain smokers and drug addicts. If you consider yourself to fall under one of the above-mentioned categories, help4addiction addiction helpline number can help you get over it.
Realizing the severity of problem, Rotaract clubs of Hyderabad and Textile Institute of Pakistan, Karachi joined hands with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and celebrated the “world no tobacco week” from 31st May to 6th June 2009. We have already run this compaing in local community, CD shops and resturants. On account of this; we paid a visit to CAMS institute and DOW University of Health and Sciences on June 6, 2009. Project was lead by Rtr. Fahad Waseem (President RC-Hyderabad 2008-09) and Rtr. Ahmed A Rehman (Joint Secretary 2008-09-RCK-TIP). On the morning of 6th June, around 6 Rotaracters from RCK-TIP and RC-Hyderabad gathered at KFC Sindhi Muslim Society. We then went to CAMS institute and gave a short presentation about smoking and its hazards. Later on, different posters which were prepared by cancer children patients were posted at different places of CAMS PECHS campus and pamphlets were also distributed among the students. In a discussion with their administration, a short intro about Rotaract Club and its purpose was also given by Rtr. Ahmed A Rehman who is also the District Chairperson for Rotaract Image 2009-10. Keeping the pace of our work constant; we quickly moved towards DOW University and continued with the similar activity their. Over 100 pamphlets were distributed among the students of university and students were also asked to donate for the cancer children patients by donating just 20 rupees from their cell phones. Later, two students of DOW University also joined our hands and started promoting the cause. We are very proud to announce that it was just another good reason for promoting Rotaract and a number of short intro’s about Rotaract were also conducted during the pamphlet distribution. Later on; children drawings about the bad effects of smoking were also placed at the cafeteria of the university. On the whole; we distributed around 1500 pamphlets, 1000 leaf letters, and 500 stickers during this whole “no tobbaco week”.
Smoking and cancer are international issues which need to be addressed and communicated among the masses properly. Lack of awareness is the also a major reason for this increasing smoking trend. Our projects aim was to make people aware of the smoking hazards and the number of diseases smoking can cause. First of all; a very special thanks to the managements of CAMS and DOW for their support in this cause and secondly special thanks to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for giving us the opportunity to serve for a cause. A big round of applause for all the rotaractors who took part in this exercise which includes Fahad, Agha, Aniq from Rotaract Hyderabad and Ahmed, Mohsin from Rotaract TIP. At last, we would suggest every rotaractor and every person who is reading this report to be a part of our cause by leaving/dejecting smoking. It is now of prime importance that we should deject smoking and start looking at other healthy activities.

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