Now a days TIP is “puking” Events. Why I say this is because there is no corner of TIP where an event isn’t being planned and executed. I mean, only yesterday a guest speaker session was held in which Mr. Asim Shehzad was presented to us.

His speech was simple and without any glitter. He motivated the students to use their potential- we have in bulks- to be something bigger than all of us. His argument was plain: Why can’t there be products in our name!?!  Taking support from the idea that even RalphLauren etc. weren’t born with the idea of producing garments and at one time were like us-vellay– it was a good speech.

However, talking about events, next up is Water Fight!!! It’s on Friday i.e today! It’s held by TIES. Operated by TIES president, Aleena Iqbal and her members. This thing I am definitely going to attend!

Also down the chart is the TISS event: Textile Institute Debating Competition (TIDC) which is being held on 11th April 2014. Let’s just say: Taiyarriyan zorr shor se jari hain- what I know of this event is that it’s going to be “Big”. Adding to that, the volunteers of this event are working really hard to plan it all.
The Debate competition is being executed on inter level; meaning that teams are coming from all different institutes of Karachi to fight a parliamentary debate. The rest will be known on 11th but the jazba of the society to plan it is a definite sight to see.

Other events are as follows:

  1. Dramatips play 4 to 7th April
  2. Night Match
  3. FDM4 Trip
  4. Beach Party
  5. Job Fair
  6. Urdu Mushaira
  7. Annual Dinner

So be updated!!

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  1. Intra means within this university inter means between universities themselves.
    Good POst

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