Freddy Friday- TIES Bake sale’14

November started in TIP with a boom. First was TIES bake sale, Freddy Friday, then came Winter Venture. However, let’s talk about Freddy Friday.

Freddy Friday was held on last Friday i.e November 14, 2014. And alas all the glamour, retro and chick theme it was a homey event *saying in a positive manner*.

The occasion started at 2:30pm. Stalls were set up, music blared and fun escalated. It went up and high yet again when the songs dedication started. We will talk about that again real soon.

For now: stalls, Unlike last year this year stalls of games were also set up, this was instigated by the freshies , other than that 4th years held the majority stalls. Then there were Cupcakes by Aleena and Photo booth by Fatima Zamani and Adeela Feroz.

Shiza and Kanwal held the heart of the Bake sale, The Song Dedication Stall.  Yeah clearly controversial, especially for those who have weird friends and even weirder batch-mates.

Feel really bad for those who were up and front in the walk of shame after names of dedication were called out. And sorrier for those whose batch-mates made a show of it.

However, moving on, it wasn’t a big event, but it clearly was a great one. Just something for TIP-ians before 2nd hourlies rolled down. Courtesy to Aleena Iqbal and Zaara Ali who put their efforts into it. Needless to say like last year’s bake sale, Funky Friday this went awesome too.

Also, commending Umer Hilaly and other volunteers who decorated the design area using recycled stuff and giving it an awesome retro theme.