Meet the paparazzi

By Hassan Khalid (TS3)

As the hot summer is on its way, issues which are even hotter are brewing within the premises of our campus. Nopes, I am not going in to the clumsy details of the elections but the ongoing state of vengeance between the two genders (guys and the girls).

During the last two weeks, a couple of such strife has been reported but right now I am going to unveil just one. Two guys from third year (sciences) were having shakes at the shake corner of Iqbal Ahmed Student Center and the poor chaps less knew that they about to have electric shocks along with the shakes.

All of a sudden, Amir (the peon) approached these two revealing them startling news that the disciplinary committee wants to hear by them as soon as possible. Little did they know that some girls from designing (hiding their names for some sacred reasons) had alleged them of being paparazzi lurking around the campus (well good news for the Hollywood stars, they are not the only one being harassed) .In short the 2 guys met with the news that they had been involved in the wicked act of taking hidden pictures of those girls with the help of their camera fitted cell phones.

A member of the disciplinary committee took swift action and made his level best in checking out any required proof and after a detailed checking he would say eloquently “I know you guys very well as I also have been through the same phase, may be u have hidden or deleted those pictures.”

A burning comment from the guy (being blamed) came along with all the sarcasm saying that the girls who have blamed us aren’t worthy of being photographed (a debatable topic).

And it was rebutted by another member of DC as what do u guys think of yourselves, are u models or something (well dudes at least I am of the view that u 2 can model in my private fashion ramp). The whole issue resulted in the baseless alleging of the girls and the innocence of the boys.

That was it, I am sure that many out there are will be ready to give my article a bad name, but the idea behind this writing wasn’t to lull you readers out there with some lullaby or to mock at the girls kittenish act and also not to turn guys attention towards their virility at stake but to make every one realize such acts bring nothing but a state of uncertainty that is always ready to trigger itself to abhorrence. So my advice the girls is to do nothing but to stuff your brains with some delicious nuggets of trust and broadmindedness.

This is being said on behalf of me without being obnoxious that I am not a chauvinist.

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  1. I can comment on each of the paraghaphs that have been written.

    A) There is no vengeance between the two genders.

    B) Everyone knows what the poor guys at TIP are capable of when they get bad, so one can’t blame a person for being careful.

    C) What papparazis are being talked about here? Reporters that chase hollywood actors don’t have a great name either. Not that any of that has to do with the point at hand.

    D) I guess the teachers know the way people’s brains normally work.
    E) You call it a blame, others call it an accusation. No one complains about such issues for no reason at all. I’m sure the one’s who complained were given ample reasons to suspect that they were being photographed, for whatever reason.

    F) Broadminded is a good term. Perhaps it should be inculcated in the vast majority of TIPians. O and guys removing their shirts in the back of the bus is not a sign of being broadminded.

    The fact remains that there have been incidents in the past that force people to keep their guard up. The majority of students on this campus lack basic etiquettes. The way they behave at social gatherings is proof enough.

  2. pheww……..well said buddy,but the thing is that u are just being one sided , flip the coin and just see what the reality is all about(ofcource reality bites), hmmmm,

    1) referring to ur 1st point that there is no vengeance b/w the two…brother! were u sleeping when 1 week before the whole 4th year was ready to beat the hell out of a single person…and the whole matter triggered because of this ongoing vengeance and uncertainity b/w the two genders

    2) i think u ppl usually beleve in closing ur lids while an act is being done from the fairer gender and and alwaysss ready to rumble in case of men…what do u intend to do …i think u really are feminizing the manhood

    3) baseless …is the word that u owe from my side

    i told u not to give my article a bad name cause i wrote it with the very innocencey of my will and didnt want to point any 1 …but now u really have made the rabbit popp out of the hat….lollllllsss……

  3. huh!!…here the game ends hassan……the guy above me has done a gr8!!…..juss look how beautifully he has corroborate those DIVAZ innocent…..well kewl!!…… thing 4 sure….u seem to be good in extracting out culprits…join any investigation firm.. Be a lawyer-u–LIERR but the one only specific to special feminine cases where definitely ur passion and zeal would be to the extent of proving them innocent infact proving urself always available for gals….no matter…:VOICE FROM INSIDE: wat a looser I am!! “ITS IN MY INSTINCTS DAMIT”.n on the other hand i m sure u perfect in scanning teacher mind…well k i agree that the teacher knows how students brain works but is it necessary that at such a point the student brain stops working while shivering his fingers on the keyboard…yup in ur case it might be true…..ok! …well hasan ….guy u forgot to mention dat wen the celebs are followed by the paparraziz …mostly they are being escorted by the bodyguards….so this case isn’t a different case…..yup a lil difference iz dat dis anti……object also give u the dam baseless fake comments and annotations…but hush!!…ur effort of dominating ur comments infact silly comments over the bitter reality is in vain…to no avail…..!!n yeah the bunch of gals sitting dere have a real chronic itching tribulations..lolx (don wana mention wher)..n especially 1 of them…yup ur rite dam it…! n a parasite 4 sure is disturbing …although they are dam sure ….(r they worthy enough to get photographed) juss brain it gals and you tooo……so before throwin any stinky compost out here again juss chek in urself is a beta silo…so keep it dere….

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