Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006 report

It’s never too late to initiate something positive and that’s what it took the TIAF (Textile Institute Alumni Forum) proved when they organized a dinner on the 29th of April 2006 hosted at Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi.

As anticipated, the turnout was reasonably good with about 110 attendies representing every class that has graduated since 1998.

The reunion reaffirmed the need for more such events and gatherings to make this networking more effective as it needs to be. I must say, hats off to Shujaat Alavi for pulling off a great reunion. It felt great to be amongst our mentors, Dr. Zubair Bandukda and Madam Asiah as well as Dr. Hafiz ur Rehman Sheikh, Dr. Pervaiz Abbas and Dr. Abdul Jabbar along with other faculty members.

All in all the evening was great but what should come next is a question that needs to be answered by you. Share your views, comments and suggestions on what you think should be done?

One Reply to “Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006 report”

  1. hi
    good wishes for all
    that was realy a great event but i missed /c of my exams
    but inshallah will join u in next event.
    what i heared from others loook great … at lots of texperts … teachers and there ghallan bataan….. what a greata event …… i was a nice start but require to be continued on a reasonable time period …. i think such event make our (texperts) tidy riutine some what relaxing…

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