The Beach Bash

Much as I’d want to brag on about the good time I had at the beach bash, I’m going to have to hold on to it since I don’t want be an ‘apney moun mian mitthu’. This article thus, is dedicated to all the people that ended up coming and having a great time. The rotaract club in fact, would like to shout out a big thankyou to all the people that came because it definately wouldn’t have been as good ( crazy) without you. To those that missed it, it’s all good, I’m sure we’ll come up with another event soon.

Another thing I MUST mention is how impressed I was with the boys’ no ‘phaddas’ no nuthing; it was a pleasant surprise to see everyone on their best behavior, hats off to you all.. seriously.

I’d like to end this tiny write-up with a point I feel I must make clear, The Rotaract club is in no way wanting to compete with anyone, we’re just out there to help ourselves and others, and have fun all at the same time. I read a couple of comments about the T.I.S.F not being as good as The Rotaract, so for all those out there who think we’re antagonistic lots’ striving to beat each other in a rat race, we’re two separate entities with different objectives. The basic similarity between us though is our love for having a good time, and promoting university based activities. Hope I’ve made our presence clearer for those who seemed confused, and if I may add, for those who felt annoyed too.