Will you be my Pink Valentine?

Woh museebat din dobara aa raha he.

I hate Valentines Day. HATE it. But sadly since it comes every goddamn year I can’t avoid it. Neither can you. This year TISF has decided to go soft and has planned a bake sale in collaboration with the designers. The Bake Sale will be held on 14th February (for those lost cases who don’t know when Valentines Day falls) and is open to everyone PROVIDED they wear something pink.

No, we’re not joking. You have to wear something pink… (I hear a few alpha-males screaming already)

Relax, it’s not that bad. We wear pink all the time and trust me, it hasn’t killed us yet. Though the condition is (let me repeat this) YOU HAVE TO WEAR SOMETHING PINK, we’ve relaxed the rules a bit. It can be a tiny pink arm band or pink ankle socks or pink highlights in your hair, but there just has to be a little of pink on you.

Needless to say, we the designers would love you to attend regardless of whether you’re single, committed, or committed to being single. Au Revoir!

10 Replies to “Will you be my Pink Valentine?”

  1. I see you talked about ‘Alpha’ males. Are there any kinds like ‘Gamma’ and ‘Beta’? If yes, what are those all about?

  2. arz kiya hai:

    dil-e-ashiq ke khaber lena
    phool khiltay hain is maheenay mein

    @cupid in red
    if you wanna meet GAMMA MALE ask for saad mehmood

    @ hira
    ager pink nahi pehnain to kiya hoga????

  3. Valentine par pink ki logic samajh nahin aati
    valentine is associated with the color RED
    so it should be RED not PINK
    secondly pink is a feminine color and if the guys are supposed to be wearing pink then the girls should wear somethning manly and tomboyish..

  4. @ JIN: agar pink nahi pehnain ge tau aap ko aane nahi diya jaye ga. there’ll be a chota sa stall where u can buy last minute pink things.

    @ cupid in red: ofcourse. there are alpha males, beta males n omega males. Look it up in wikipedia.

    n if saad mehmood ever found out what a gamma male is, he’ll be out for your blood JIN.

  5. abay yaar,
    waqaI pink hehe ..
    though its quite inn … but larkon per :S..
    chalo try karengey 😉
    hira waqai PINK na …
    hope koi majaak nahin hoga 😀

  6. “The Gamma male is a wolfy-sheep, or a sheepy-wolf; however you want to think about it.

    To all appearances the Gamma male may seem like the average Alpha or Beta, but if you look closely he just may surprise you.

    A startling mixture of raw, sensual cockiness and sweet, respectful adoration, the Gamma male combines both good and bad from the separate species. A definite catch.”


    over this definition why would anyone go after me????

  7. this is the one i found:
    The term Gamma male is an antonym often used in a deprecating or self deprecating manner to refer to males at the bottom of the social hierarchy. An gamma male will be subservient to both the alpha and the beta males.

    khaer he…i couldnt care less what he is, as long as he comes wearing pink that day.

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