Words of Wisdom Competition-Report

With the co-ordination of TISF and Syed Qamar Zaidi, the very first episode of “Words of Wisdom competition” was held on 20 February 2008 in the TISF slot. The happening featured eight participants where every participant came up with a quotation by any famous scholar followed by a short speech. We registered 15 participants out of which only 8 showed up at the time of event; however we managed to take the event up to 3:50 pm. Though some of the quotations quoted by participants were not up to the mark but overall the event turned to be an average one. The audience turn out was much better than expected which added to a lot of encouragement for participants. Our judges ( Sir Qamar Zaidi, Ms. Sehrish Fatima and Sir Yahya Ghazali) selected the best three quotations on the basis of authenticity, reference and style of presentation. Moreover prizes were given to first three best speakers. First, second and third prizes were given to Shoaib Ikram-TS4, Amna Khan-TDT1, Salman A Makhani-TS4 consecutively. Syed Qamar Zaidi and Sir.Yahya Ghazali declared the third position while Ms. Sehrish Fatima declared first and second positions followed by the distribution of prizes.

3 Replies to “Words of Wisdom Competition-Report”

  1. So sorry rameez I couldn’t turn up I would have loved to be a part of “words of wisdom” and congrats
    to all the three winners especially Amna, because I remember she was very tensed before the competition.
    Nice event and one should encourage these type of inquisitive events.

  2. congrats Rameeze of ur succesful event and provide chance to the students to show his talent.i think these type of event enhance the knowledge of the student.i request to continue these type events in university.

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