Words of Wisdom Competition

You all must have heard different quotations; you all have read them in newspapers, magazine, digests and novels. Here is a chance to show your ‘intelligence’ and to deliver your favorite ‘Words of Wisdom’ in front of the TIP audience. The rules of the event are:

• Each student should quote his/her favorite words by any famous scholar followed by a two minute speech on the favor of that quotation.
• Speech must not exceed than two and a half minutes.
• Judges (probably from faculty) will declare first, second and third positions.
• The quotation getting the first prize will be displayed on notice boards and other prominent places of campus.

Event is scheduled at the end of this month. All the students are welcome to participate in the event. To do so, you can contact:

Rameez Ahmed Khan, TS2B
Email: rameezkhan87@yahoo.com
Sohaib Zulfiqaar, TS1A

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  1. Here is a quotation for your students to consider:

    “Live life such that people desire to meet you when you are alive and mourn for you when you are dead.” [Ali ibn Abi Talib]

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