Peace – the solution for humanity

“Muslims often feel apologetic upon been labeled as ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Extremist’ which they must not.” Says Dr. Zakir Abdul-Karim Naik, a recognized dynamic and international spokesperson on Islam and Comparative religion. The man went on to highlight why he declared so by presenting the most persuasive rationalization in front of over a million audiences worldwide on Sunday while delivering a public lecture LIVE on the topic “Peace, The solution for humanity”. “If somebody attacks a Muslim by saying you are an extremist, don’t be defensive instead be proud of the label and say yes I am an extremist. I am extremely kind, I am extremely honest, I am extremely just, and I am extremely caring. I am an extremist in all the elements of nature that contributes towards peace!” He emphasized that the word Islam means “Acquiring peace by submitting your will to Allah” and the followers of Islam are peace loving. There are black sheep in every community and religion that doesn’t mean that the religion has shortcomings. It’s the people who have shortcoming. He further moved on the word “Terrorists” and explained that if a robber has committed robbery and the policeman is after him, in this context the policeman is causing terror for the robber. In the same context, a Muslim is a terrorist against the ‘EVILS’ of the society. A true Muslim causes terror for the robbers, for the dishonest, for the unjust, for the corrupt. Interesting! Isn’t it? MashaAllah, it was a great honor that during the question answer section of this inspiring 2 hours lecture, a couple of non-muslim ladies accepted Islam which weakened the concept of the crtitcs of Islam that ‘Islam was spread by the sword.” According to Dr. Zakir Naik if Islam was spread by the sword then it was the sword of wisdom.

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  1. Indeed, beautiful words and nice or proper usage of terms which often west use to describe Muslims…

    Actually, we are presented in a way to the whole world through western media that we ourselves have lost our will and faith in our religion. We have start beleiving that we are terrorist because of the western propaganda against Islam and Muslims..I think we need to change this perception among non-muslims by citing the examples as what Dr.Zakir has done..!

  2. Salam.
    Yes, I had listened to that lecture. Dr. Zakir Naik puts forward such solid arguments Masha Allah that no other contestant has yet been able to beat him. May God give him the power to keep on changing lives.

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