“Anecdotes” Source of Incentive In Life

“There is truth in saying time heals all wounds, physically the healing begins in moment and our body do all the work but when a relationship is injured some heal in a day others lay bare for the rest of our life’s, sometimes we only have to heal our self and sometimes our true work lies in healing others”

When life seems to be going perfect as you plan, then a person draws a feeling which then grows into hope which then turn into quiet thought which then turn into a quiet word and then word grows louder and louder till there is a battle cry from wind to sun, altering the perspective towards life turning negative thoughts into positive implying life is awesome, every music you hear makes you feel certain whatever this sound is, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world, it’s something that is part mathematics and part euphoria you are convinced that whatever this is it’s a gift to the world all the hurt over the flood of emotions and so it strikes you that not everyone could appreciate this miracle. The music stimulates your sorrow for those who could not hear or understand the essence of it that you feel and so you broaden your feeling by hearing the wind across the plain, a sound that is so strong that calls your name, its feels wild like the jungle and warm like the summer and at the same time your heart is apt to beating much more faster than usual implying in a language of beats

“Ya this is where I belong”

under the starry skies where eagles have flown this place seems to be like paradise it’s a place where I was born which I can gladly call home and then a fear emerges which then leads to consistent praying
Many nights with no proof that anyone can listen, in our heart there is a hopeful song which we barely understand, but somehow we are not afraid although we know there is much to fear, fear of all this would come to an end and so at times it does to an extent when the above mention feelings turns into just a memorable anecdote, which is not motivating when recalled but is memorable, the flash bags of old good quality days usually appear when you gaze at the stars with regret and a voice whispers inside your head that all the hope is dead, ruin, vanish in thin air, moreover, makes you feel like the smallest person in the world knowing that this won’t help as it allows your heart to send a message to your body “PAIN” but yet we don’t turn away when it seems all your dreams has come undone we stand in front of the mirror to beguile our self by recalling good memories or taping into our list of anecdote that we have made so far and while wondering we fall asleep. Uh sleep a few hours’ blissful moments to escape before facing those disputed questions again of

If there is so much I must do to rejuvenate my life, can I still just be me the way I am, can I trust in my own heart or am I just a part of a big plan?

Simultaneously ,during dormant, our subconscious mind usually weave a tale of love and lost dream, making you wonder once you snap out of it what it meant was it something you already Experience? Or a vision of something to come? This is a moment when a person realizes life is more than appreciating nature; it’s a mystery that unveils itself As you grow older and so anything that has a begging has an end, so far these line were theoretically correct but when a person is going through the infancy stage in life then
These lines are put into practice by actually encountering the pragmatic analysis as to what is the value of these lines and so we understand life is a puzzle every piece fits together to create who we are, what we do and how we feel. Every experience shapes us who we will eventually become but this prolong bad experience makes us a glass parade a fragile state and so you are trying not to break.

an old saying every story has a beginning, every life has meaning and potential but you don’t know is your story begging and don’t realize your true potential until we knock at god’s door in search of answers, we are not sure whether any of this is suppose to help or not but you consider yourself a believer, considering that there is someone out there who made you, who cares about you very much, in the myths of the confusing situation you may not be able to see or appreciate him but as you go along you will find the answers and so life becomes a whole new place for you, redefining itself or introducing itself with a completely new definition when everything starts making sense, In different phases of life dealing with different situation a person get certain labels which defines yourself but it s up to us to decide whether the label fits or not, this is a label one must accept it and so it’s one responsibility to earn it and so this concept boost our morale altering our perception towards life once again filling us with positivity and a feeling that future will lead us all in different way sometimes it will take your breath away, sometimes it will be different than the version you planned. The only certainty to the future is that the answers to the unknown are most likely to be hidden in front of us.