22 March – World Water Day 2006: Water and Culture

Water; water everywhere? Think and drink.

women_praying_india.jpg “We plan our cities near water; we bathe in water; we play in water; we work with water. Our economies are built on the strength of water transportation – and the products we buy and sell are all partly water, in one way or another. Our daily lives are built on water, and shaped by it. Without the water that surrounds us – the humidity of the air, the roughness of the river’s current, the flow from the kitchen tap – our lives would be impossible. In recent decades, water has fallen in our esteem. No longer an element to be revered and protected, it is a consumer product that we have shamefully neglected. Eighty percent of our bodies are formed of water, and two thirds of the planet’s surface is covered by water: water is our culture, our life.”

For further information, read World Water Day 2006 and how to get involved.

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