I love you TIP…..!!

There are certain experiences in life which you can never forget and my stay at Textile Institute of Pakistan was one of them. As I recall my memory, I can still remember my first day at TIP which was 28th August 2006 and now I have been through my last day at TIP as well which was 26th May 2010. A journey of four years. Four years of learning. Four years of exciting experiences. Four years of being with my friends. Four years of all the great incidents and event of which we were a part of. Four years of studies. Four years of this nostalgic campus. These four years are not just memorable, these years have made me a real person. A more mature and open person. Yes, I can feel the change in my self. I was a kid and Textile Institute of Pakistan has grown me up. I was nowhere and TIP gave me the direction. I openly confess here that I really appreciate and love this place which we all know with the name of TIP.

I would like to briefly cover each and every thing which will always keep reminding me about my association with TIP and which a part of this great learning environment is.

1) My class: How can I forget Yasir Ali Naeem, Syed Ali Zaib Hussain, Asad Rehman, Syed Bilal Ahmed, Sajjad Mehdi, Ali Mukhtaar, Sarim Mehmood, Adnan Akram, Adnan Malik, Adil Farid, Saad Nasim, Danish Farooq, Dawood Mustufa Ghazali, Danish Arain, Bilal Ahmed, Danyal Siddiqui and Shoaib Akbar. My class has always been a source of support and encouragement for me. We all have studied and stayed together as a single entity and my association with my class mates is forever. I will always remember you guys…!

2) My teachers: A great educational institute is known by its faculty members. I would remember all my teachers but here I would like to mention few names. They include Ali Hafeez Azmat, Yahya Ghazali, Shameem Noorani, Saifuddin Kamran, Dr.Hafiz-ur-Rehman, Dr. Zubair Bandukda, Mazhar Jamil, Qamar Zaidi and Noaman Jamil Ahmed. It doesn’t mean that I don’t remember other teachers. I do and all of them had been a great source of learning for me.

3) Lab In-charges: A very special thanks to Mr. Rafiq (weaving), Mr. Shakir and Mr. Shehzad (spinning), Mr. Noor (physics and chemistry lab), Mr. Jawed Haroon and Mr. Imran (computer lab) and Mr. Amir (wet-processing lab) for their support.

4) Staff Members: Apart from studies, since I was also involved with various extra curricular activities so I had spent a good time coordinating with staff members. They include Mr. Mohsin Raza, Mr. Faakhir, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Mr. Jawed, Madam Shahida, Madam Afshan Khan, Madam Gulrukh, all the librarians (I don’t remember their names), TIP telephone operator (I don’t remember her name as well….)

5) TISF: I had a great time working with TISF board members of 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10. Very special thanks to Mr. Ali Hafeez for his over all support. I have learned a lot from him and he has always been very supportive and encouraging.

6) Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan: Rotaract is a platform which has given me such exposure which was not possible within the existing university life. I can never forget all the community service projects we did and participated. All the conferences and seminars that we attended. A great learning experience. I can never forget Ahmed A. Rehman, Rahim Jindani, Hira Saiyed, Mohsin Butt, Ibad-ul-Islam and Amna Khan-our Rotaract team ? And of course Ali Hafeez for his guidance.

7) Literary Society: When I came to TIP, I felt this lack of awareness of Literature and poetry among students. I wanted to bring change and with the help of my Allah, I did few events which I can never forget. A very special thanks to Mr. Qamar Zaidi for his support and guidance in building this society and I also learned a lot from him. My senior students, batch mates and my junior students-everyone has contributed for the society one way or the other. Names are: Saqib bhai, Ahmed A. Rehman, Adil Farid, Yasir Ali Naeem, Sohaib Zulfiqar, Maaz Farid. Ali Mukhtaar, Amna Khan, Mohsin Butt, Haneeya Maryam, Areeba Akhtar and Tauseef Haider.

8) My seniors I can never forget: a) Mohammad Ali Hakeem: He was one who pushed me into the publications and he also posted my very first article on Quack! Ali has always encouraged and supported me in all my activities. A nice person by nature as well. I will remember you Ali..!
b) Furhan Hussain: Guy responsible for bringing me towards writing on Quack! He taught me how to counter criticism coming on one’s article. I really appreciate his commitment and devotion towards Quack! after Aasim Ahmed. Furhan, I will always remember your encouraging and motivating comments on all my events. You were a great source of inspiration for me.
c) Saqib Ali: Saqib bhai and I have got this similar interest of Urdu poetry and literature so he always supported me and worked for literary society as much as he can. Love you Saqib bhai..!
d) Hira Saiyed: I will remember her for her guidance and encouragement in terms of debates and stuff. She has always given positive comments on my events and we had a good time in Rotaract as well.

9) My other university fellows: a) Ahmed A. Rehman: Ahmed has been very supportive in all aspects. I can never forget his motivational speeches. He was with me when I was less social and he is still my very good friend. Love you Ahmed..!
b) Syed Bilal Ahmed: My best friend from my class. We have done every internship and almost every assignment together and I am sure we will remain friends forever.
C) Areeba Akhtar, Tauseef Haider, Haneeya Maryam, Mohsin Butt and Amna Khan: Well, these four were the part of my literary society team. They came late but they were always great in terms of their interest and participation in society events. These are the people whom I can count on and I hope they will continue with this literary society.

Very few educational institutions provide such dynamic learning environment and TIP is one of them. Had I been in any other university, I would not have improved my self that much. I can feel this change. The day I enter and the day I have left, TIP has changed me a lot. Apart from the technical knowledge and skills I have attained here, I really appreciate this institution for improving my social, management and interpersonal skills. These four years were a complete package where I got everything. My love for my university can never be summarized in these words. It feels so great to be alumni of Textile Institute of Pakistan. Sometimes in life we become so shy when it comes to appreciating those who had been a part of your life. I believe that when you appreciate each other and express yourself, it always result in a much more better and healthy world. While I have left TIP, I still feel proud to be a part of TIP as a Texpert. My warm wishes are with all my teachers, staff members, class and batch mates, seniors and juniors. I wish all my junior fellows best of luck for their future and my message for my juniors remains the same that TIP is a great place so never miss this opportunity and learn and enjoy as much as you can….!!

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  1. will definitely remember u rameez as a mentor and as a good leader of our society 🙂 all the best for your future.

  2. loll,..how innocent:D
    Boy, ths is how everyone has experianced the things!
    hold on, jst a matter of time;)

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