40 Sawaal

We all often use a lot of English words and terms during our Urdu conversations. This Urdu/English blend has become so common that we find ourselves unable to speak entirely in our national language, Urdu, when the need arises. Using English words when speaking Urdu not only affects the beauty and taste of both the languages, but also takes us farther from our own culture and heritage.

Literary Society, considering this declining trend of Urdu speaking and it’s diminishing vocabulary is organizing an event called “40 Sawaal” in which the Urdu meaning of 40 English words and textile terminologies will be asked from the ever-intellectual audience of TIP 🙂 People with the correct answers will be given prize money on hand as well to encourage the use of Urdu.

Please be a part of the event. Participation is open for all the currently enrolled students, permanent and visiting faculty members, admin staff, peons and lab staff.

Date: 24th September (TISF slot)
Venue: Auditorium

Looking forward for your participation…

Literary Society of TIP
(A Step Towards Evolution)

For Further Details Contact;
Rameez Ahmed Khan, Head, 03323419170
Muhammad Furqan Khan, Member, 03333908140

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  1. It is definitely a good step. I like your thought, let’s hope people get to learn something productive from this.

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