4th year Victorious On The Cricket Ground

With the Sports society coming back to life in the spring semester, Cricket Tournament  for the students of TIP was conducted by Sportex Society – TIP. The newly formed cricket ground was prepared to host the event for the first time, as the players had just about enough of playing cricket in the basketball court, where they could hit huge shots on the Leg side.

The format was such that teams had to be formed year-wise. For instance, 1st year students could only play alongside other 1st year students and so was the case with the 2nd, 3rd & 4th years. Each match was played 6 overs each side where one bowler could bowl a maximum of 2. And yes the Leg side was open to all kinds of shots. A special sound-system arrangement was made so that someone could connect their phone and play a few “item” songs,  and also for some of the more talented people to show their skill at commentating.

The first match was played between the teams of 1st and 3rd year students. After a thrilling performance by the 1st years batting first, a target of 110 was set. The 3rd year team had a wonderful start and were in their 80’s after the 4th over. But rapid loss of wickets could only enable them to make 102 in the allowed overs. The 2nd match was amongst the 4th years and the 2nd years. It seemed a rather one sided affair as the seniors compiled a total of 115, whereas the freshies could match that score with a mere 78. A good effort none the less.

In the knock out stages, the maximum overs were reduced to 5. The 2nd years took on the 3rd years and gave the 3rd years a target of 56 to chase. An easy target taken up rather too easily as the older folks were restricted to just 49 runs. In the second knock out, 4th years took the sophomores and were again successful in putting up a big score of 112 on the board. The 2nd years could only come up with 66 as they were bowled out by the seniors in 4 overs.

The Final took place between the dominating 4th years, and the talented firsties. As all finals turn out to be, this was a well competed match. The “baray log” batted first and put a good 88 runs. The “chhotay” gave in their best to scoop a victory, but could only get to the 73 run mark in the allotted overs.


The 4th year team took home the prize money, which if I’m not wrong, was Rs. 4000. The organizers did a fairly good job in hosting the event with a budget of Rs. 10,000. A lot more such events are rumoured to be forth coming. Quack! Online will definitely keep its readers posted!

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