5 things I wished I had done when I was in TIP

Here’s something interesting an idle mind came up with. WHAT ARE THE 5 THINGS YOU WISH YOU COULD HAVE DONE WHILE YOU WERE IN TIP.

Here I’ll go First:

  1. Gotten the Magazine out on TIME :S
  2. Worked Harder on My THESIS 😀
  3. Wish I could have gotten along better with My Hostel Mates (Ancient History)
  4. Not Mess Up at the Inter-University Debate 😛 (VERY ANCIENT HISTORY)
  5. Make that play on TIP I had been planning for the past 2 years 🙁

13 Replies to “5 things I wished I had done when I was in TIP”

  1. Okay i’ll go second.

    1) Gotten a girl.
    2) Should’ve worked harder on getting a girl.
    3) Wish i could’ve gotten along better with girls.
    4) Not mess up with all the girls i messed up with.
    5) Should’ve been with THAT girl i was planning in my last two years.

    Sounds desperate!! i know.

  2. Got a cat to eat the rat that ate the malt that lay in the cafeteria ridden with bugs and what not that get everyone sick.

  3. yeah… well u’d be remembered… specially dat ragging movie wuz pretty gud!! lol…
    so when’s da magazine coming out Ali btw??!! :p

  4. Rameez, really is this judgment time already? Let the results come at least 😉

    There are few things that i did that can be called good nothing amazing or noteworthy, memorable maybe but nothing amazing.

    The magazine children will INSHAHALLAH be LAUNCHED…….


  5. 1. Concentrated more on my studies and avoided the three Fs & three probations cuz now they are hurting me for my MBA

    2. Stayed away from the greenwich brawl

    3. Never had fallen in Luv

    4. Should have misused Dr. ZBs official car for a bit longer

    5. SHould have taken more interests in my internships.

  6. cant think of five things but the only one thats coming to mind right now is that should have made more friends and spent more time enjoying the uni life then worrying abt studies…

  7. by the way, how wud we get our copies of magazine? you should make a pdf file of it and place it online for people like me when you publish,

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