Who doesnt know Syed Hussain Ahmed  Geelani (AMM-4) ?! Everybody does and this article is his narration on what happened on the Night Match.  I tried to do his speech justice but if you have ever met him you would know that he
cannot be depicted however I, here, have tried my level best to reach that pedestal; came short I know, but reached somewhere. ENJOY!

Baat tou ye thi k that on 5th of march 2014  after 5 years a night tournament was kept and it outstood everything that I ever experienced in 5 years. Mostly, in the four years I spend here dance parties were kept jaisay roz dost ki shadi hai but this night match was epic.

To start with hum sub larkon ki tou mouj thay uss din as we had waited for this to happen the whole week and when it did-Aalaa bhai- it bombsmacked everything. The hype generated among us was so high that Sir Mohsin didn’t charge anything for the stay aur baat bhi sai hai agar 200 ruppe mangte tou koun rukta? Mein tou hostelite hun lekin doosron ka sochna parhta hai. The tournament started at 7:30 pm and we got wasted on it till 1:30 am. Matlab raat tou katt hee gai.

Now the first task was assembling the guys ghanta tou ussi mein laga mujhe however when everybody came it looked like a culture festival harr koi alag kaproon mein ajeeb namuna sa lag raha tha, koi chadde pehein k aya tha jiss mein uski patli patli tange nazar arahe thein aur koi dress shirt- hawalnakk bhaiyon!

Subse ziyada khoobsoorat baat match kii was that everybody from the 1st to last year played. It was a commune aur app tou jante hee hain that I am a hippi. So back to the point, it was khabsoorat, the four teams were evenly distributed, and everybody played with everybody. Humare payare first years also got a chance to play –nai baat, kyunn k inn bechaaron 3rd 4th year se pehle tou keeper ki job se hum promote hee nai kartay so it was a nayaab thing to see. Fair game fair play everywhere bhai!

Ek aur bahut alla baat tou was that the three famous dogs of TIP were on holiday that day. They knew bigger guns were present that day so they ran away, tail between legs!

That day I saw many new players present. Amir shahzad ne jin jazbaat k sath khela –Alla. Teen saal guzar liye aur usse pitch pe larkaratay nai dekha. Other than him Arsalan- man, I had no idea that you could even hold a balla! But bhai played! Very nice.

Baat maslon ki karhein tou lightening k bohut hui waisay tou TIP light se bhara hua hai buss uss din kuch dorah sa parah tha. There was no one who wasn’t worried about it and correct it was. Agar baller nazar na ai tou game k kya mazay?! And they were many who could only be seen with Colgate smiles warna no display.  The banda who did the lightening was the same who did it 5 saal ago. Uskki khushi k bhi thikane nai thay said, “panch saal pehle bhi mene hee ki thi, what mohool it was!” First no ladder could be found then payare first years got it-kaam tou part of life- and lightening was fixed ek dam National Stadium style. But in midst the match it went out but passion bacho ka itna tha that they immediately got up and fixed it as it was the most serius match in the history of world!

Umpiring was done by our brother Owais Zaki, aur lag tou aisay raha tha k 8-10 hazar ruppe kaamane aya hai bacho ka pait palne k liye-bht torra use bhi. He was harassed by everyone; forced to take sides of fourth years. His job was made even more difficult because the match turned more serious than Pak-India final. There were fights to be settled. There were not outs to be given- bache se bht kam karwane ki koshish ki lekin tika raha aur did a fair umpiring throughout the match, what an awesome job he did.
Total Aa-lla job without favouritism.

Atmosphere tou was very tight! Filled with passion and seriousness, and I am the king of seriousness. So back to the point, it was Aa-lla. When the ball dropped in the lake 3 ran to get it out, ek banda doosre ko pakr raha tha, nikaal lee lekin bhai charra dekh k acha laga mujhe. Our ballay-baaz was one but all his team players were rushing to him after every ball to give him golden tips;usko zarurat thi bhai hote tou pata chalta na. Guys went into the jhariyan-out of the boundry- to get the ball. The match shouldn’t be stopped at any cost. But there is a khota sikka everywhere and humara was texting constantly, uski jo li… hadd hai match k beech mein shuru hogaya! Kahan ka insaaf hai ye!?!

Apni baat karun tou mein tou pehli ball pe out hogaya tha-koi nai! Hota hai, Lala bhi tou out hojata hai- lekin wo mein hee tou tha who gave sound advice to every player-afridi ki koun nai sunta!?!: Jazbati na hona! Na munne na, marna nai jamme rehna were some of them; meri duty after all. No problem; bhai charra! Soundproof dedication.  Samjh tou gai honge app that though I wasn’t playing but every batsman was my sarr ka dard; sub ka theka mene akele liya huwa tha. I brother to everyone. I mean, more than half of the commentary was done by me and nobody was off the radar; in spite of no sound system the other less than half was done by boys standing behind the batsman.

One thing that must be tazia-ed on is the larkon ka stamina uff itna tha k harr 6 over k baad laytna zarrori tha aur phir the attack that happened on Shiraz Bhai after match-MITH-WA!! The way people went for the murgh koftas was something not to missed puri tarah se toot gai murghee pe larkay, langar tou dekha hee hoga apne. Hum ne bhi dkha; uss din.

Talking about those jino ne acha khela. The fours and sixes Majid threw despite the basketball court wall jo char tou kya ek run bhi nai banana deti thi- Aa-lla! Then Owais Shabbir took a dive and caught a ball single handedly. Ankh nu thand pe gai! Some guys made hat-trick in first overs; was a scene on situation.

Mazaa bara aya aur baad me Slice bhi piya! mere khayal se Hashir bhai (Syed Khawaja Hashir Uddin-AMM4) ki hasrat se hogay ye otherwise I don’t think match like this will happen in another 5 years. His organization was appreciated by everyone who played and felt the haddi-breaking pain. Aur 2 din tak pain killers tou aisay chal rahi thein hostel mein jaisay Bilquees Eidhi centre khula hai. But all is well that ends well bhaiyon.



  1. I wish we have more Hussain narrated articles 🙂 this is something i would like to read.
    Hussain you deserve applause 😀

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