86th Textile Institute World Conference

Following the tradition of representing TIP on a global level that began over a year back, Daoud (TS3) and Noman (TS4) along with Aasim Ahmed of the Textile Research and Innovation Centre, TIP are in Hong Kong at this very moment, gearing up to present their recently written research papers at the 86th Textile Institute World Conference. TIWC is an annual conference that is organized by the Texile Institute, Manchester, UK.

According to available information, one of the research papers, co-authored by Daoud (TS3) and Noman (TS4) supervised by Aasim Ahmed focuses on modification of existing spinning machines towards further optimization. The second paper, being presented by Aasim is related to modification of fiber surfaces and properties through plasma treatment. Quack! team wishes them a successful trip!

Last year, a group of five students [Muzammil Razzaq(TS07), Aasim Ahmed(TS07), M.Ali Hakeem(08), Furhan Hussain (TMM4) and Zaid Bin Zafar (TMM4)]  from TIP were awarded bursaries by the Textile Institute, UK to attend the 85th Textile Institute World Conference which was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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  1. Thanks Furhan for posting this. And thank you everyone for your well wishes.

    The conference went really well. Our students were two of six worldwide to be awarded bursaries by the TI (UK)

    We’ll be presenting our work at a symposium on campus on Tuesday December 2, o8 so we look forward to seeing at least some of you there to discuss how we can turn this into a tradition.

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