A bird in a cage

I have a bird. And he sometimes gets angry and bites really hard. But it’s not his fault.

It’s not his fault cause he’s just a bird in a cage.

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  1. Bruttal people?

    You think Asim is bruttal…not exactly!Someone is kept in cage for two resons:

    1)He/She is so cute to grab and locked in a cage.
    2)He/She actually disturbs and frustrates you and you just grab and lock him.

    In this case..what we have..i dont know..Asim will answer that as he has got the bird…

  2. Maybe it’s because he can lock it?
    The act of Trapping something gives pleasure to the brute that is man.
    Crush an ant without even thinking twice about it….
    Kill another human being, it’s easy… pretend it deserved to die and you’re fit to handle that kind of judgment.

  3. Now that we’re literally talking about birds, there could be a variety of other reasons. For example, you give an injured bird a shelter. Or you come across one from a really exotic species (like a damsel in distress :P) that is not native to your surroundings, which you can’t really set free because of your hostile natural environment, and you give it a shelter in your home, feed it well, keep it happy, make it a part of the family, love it…where’s the cruelty in that?

  4. I open the cage at times and the bird reluctantly comes out. The moment he does, he starts feeling vulnerable. The cage is his sanctuary. He runs back inside the first chance he gets.

  5. The same thing often happens to prisoners. Put a man in prison long enough, and he will be reluctant to come out. The prison becomes his safe haven, the outside world becomes unknown and therefore feared.

  6. a bird in the cage,
    itni garmi mei, he gets in a rage,
    waisey wuts this bird’s age,
    my boss says “thand na mar, chal email bhej”
    btw wutz the spellin’ of the color “bage”
    its been a month, gimme my wage
    note it,1 day this bird will get out of the cage,
    especially after reading this page

    i thanku

  7. please karim apni shairi is tarah neelam na kero. ye dukhoon k jalaye huay zakham tum yun taza na keroo.barsaat main barish ki pahli bondh ki manind apna ye taza ahsass in bezameer logoon k samnay khayal kerk ..zaya na kero…karim tum ko wasta hai mere ar tumharay piyaar ka ..mujh ko yun bhari mehfil main ruswa na kerooo..na keroo

  8. farhan …i totally get ure “her” remark..wait till i meet u…you’re a dead man. as for the rest of u lot, wen did u guys all become so sympathetic?
    funny poetry nizam and ali.

  9. btw how may ppl vote on quack ??

  10. A Little bird in the sky
    She so lost
    She so shy
    she so wry
    she so tired of being in the sky
    still flies high but don’t know why.

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