A knitted brain

Knitted Brain

Want to take your textile skills to a new level, combing art, anatomy and textile technique? Try knitting a brain, as done here by Karen Norberg at The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art (courtesy Retrospectable: Knit Me a Brain). For our biologists, note that the brain is anatomically correct.

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  1. maybe cuz therz is no motivation, incentive, encouragement. Just a forced, mouthful of a course load and teaching system that is all about doing really well in the bloody exams so you can get out of the university with an unjustly earned degree in no more than 4 years. theres no concept of creativity, personal development and quality learning not jus here but in most universities and i dun even knw what im writing. i guess its the frustration speaking, please ignore this comment.

  2. True, but there are so many restrictions placed on them. Education could could very well be stifling creativity.

    The environment does have a role to play in ones ability to think out of the box. Pressures created by teachers, peers, parents and generally accepted norms certainly do restrict imagination.

    It’s not easy to step out from barriers.

  3. Specially our poor education system does not create such opportunities so that students can do creative world, rather they just focuses on “ratafication”

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