My idea of being a TISF President…

Someone has greatly said:

“Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, faith, belief and victory…no one can defeat us unless we first defeat ourselves”

It’s really disappointing that I couldn’t express my vision in the auditorium due to my sweet audience but never mind. Well, I strongly felt that I should satisfy all my supporters who untitledadmired me to become their representative. I have become your representative to accomplish a motive. I really want a well structured and dynamic TISF with a vision to achieve higher and superior goals and with your help and assistance I will fully utilize all of my capabilities to achieve them.

It’s a harsh fact that today the freshmen and we the students are facing the dark nights of TIP…Its time to keep ourselves together like a strong connection and over take this bad period that surely will not last long INSHALLAH. Besides some conventional events like the Freshmen Gala, theme Carnival and beach party, one of my primary focuses will be to create an amusing and entertaining environment in the surroundings of TIP throughout the year by planning small events…

I would also make sure that we together encourage students from different universities by organizing competitions in the fields like dramatics, debates, music and sports… Why the students from LUMS, IBA, GIKI, NUST and other universities are well groomed? It’s not due to they study hard and get good GPA but It’s because they actively participate in co-curricular activities. Unfortunately there is a lack of grooming at TIP because there is no such well-built student forum where students can polish their hidden talent. That’s why I would like complete participation of our students in different societies like debates, music, dramatics and Islamic societies so that students can contribute their ideas and allow them to utilize their abilities to do or arrange something innovative instead of wasting the huge TISF budget in arranging conventional events.

There is an issue that budget is very less but in my view the issue is how properly we can manage it. I want your complete support as u people are my real strength and we should work as a team to render our services for the students of TIP. You people are my voice and I will voice your opinion. We all are like a big family and I want your contribution to plan something special for the students of TIP who are now fed-up with this routine.I want to terminate these common practices that students criticize if the events arranged by the TISF are not liked by them. We want their suggestions and advise before the events so that no one should find any thing to be criticized.

I assure you of the fact that I shall do whatever that is possible to conduct these words into actions and be a true elected representative of the students.

Adnan Malik
TISF President.

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  1. knw what malik, ur the biggest fool ive ever seen since ive joined tip.. if u had a lil bit of self respect and brains in ur skull, u wouldve been a respected president of tisf 2day.. and even if ur representing us in tisf , we are sorry for u! Allah kare tumhe ab bhi akal ajae!

  2. “keep ur HEAD up so that so that ppl noe u r afraid of no one
    but keep ur EYES down so that u r known to be a respectable”..
    o my dear changez khan………. anonymous cowardice……… u prove urself either u r man or not…. because u lack courage to mention ur name…. u all foolish opposition….. accept ur defeat… accept that u r the losers.. i feel sorry for u all stupid ppl who are afraid of me… if u r not fearful than write ur name… ha ha ha .. u will not write ur name… i noe… who u r? but u r scared of me…. yad rakh beta… ghar me bethi bili bi sher hoti hai… u have to survive bearing this truth that i am the president…….. ha ha ha ha… be brave my son… i am such a daring person that i can write my name… Adnan Malik… i challenge u that first write ur name and then ur every article and comment will be posted….

  3. Jo banda audiance k samney explain nahi kar saka tu … lol khair President baney ho tu kam us kam itney guts tu honey chaiye k sab k samney bolo ……Awam tu awam hoti hai ….apni marzi k log ley kar behtna tu smoking area mein speech karwa detey ………Ab hum kya kahien jab Pakistan ka president Zardari ho sakta hai ……….tu phir tum bhi Tisf k Ho saktey hooo ..Wasey bhi ab kahan rahey achey dinnn…..Bari bari baatien bandh karo president sahab kaam karo kaam………Abhi itni mehnath ki article likhney mei tumney ………Itni mehnath Speech mein kar letey tu yeh din naa dehkna parta …………….

  4. hum tu awam hain bolien gey or dheet ban kar naam bhi nahi batayien gey … tum kis kis ka naam poocho gey crowd mein … Pheley yeh socho k log assa tumhie keh kion rahey hain ….

  5. does it even matter, bottom line is Adnan Malik is the president so deal with.

    Hahahahaha……… Ab tu sharam karo Sharjeel. such a loser u r.dont tell me that ur planing to stay fer another year.hahahaha.Amer Butt k bete(FAIZAN AKRAM) ki tu theek thaak bajayi hai.

    Malik has won these elections by getting majority votes.doesnt matter how we did it.Ab ao beta….

  6. Respected Mr. Changaiz Khan, Your one of those guys who keeps complaining and never come upfront, First tell me either Changaiz khan is yer father or ur his son. Jitne bi Changaiz khan uthey the thande huagye, tu thora late aaya hai market main. Tere jaisay Lee market main 10 rs k 4 milte hain, Light house k rejected maal, itna damm hai tu naam likh phir dekh first day first show dikhayein ge tujh ko. Changaiz khan khud tera naam aa k bataye ga.

  7. Mr. Changaiz u have offended the newly elected president of tisf Mr.Adnan malik…
    but malik u r know president of tisf which brings lots of responsibilities and using this kind of stupid language will not help ur cause…
    look the way u r talking
    “losers, yad rakh beta, be brave my son”…WTF..
    this shows ur unprofessional ism…..
    man u r know representing more than 280 students of TIP…speak, act like a president…dont pas these childish comments…

  8. Mr. Changaiz u have offended the newly elected president of tisf Mr.Adnan malik…
    but malik u r know president of tisf which brings lots of responsibilities and using this kind of stupid language will not help ur cause…
    look the way u r talking
    “losers, yad rakh beta, be brave my son”…WTF..
    this shows ur unprofessional ism…..
    man u r know representing more than 280 students of TIP…speak, act like a president…dont pas these childish comments…

  9. Changez khan… u r very late… i think u r acting like a donkey…. tmhe samjgh buht dair say aya hai ke u r da loser… why the hell u don’t write ur name… ?in my view u r acting like a thumb sucker… yes i tell all of u… i was at so much strong position that 4 candidates offered me dinners 4 my whole party…and wished to become the part of my pannel… but i haven’t left my old partner and mere me itna dum hai to me nay us ko bhi jita diya….i proved my strength….
    “I offered bribe to the lady coming to my oppostion”
    I request that respected lady that come in front of every one and prove that i offered her bribe… i will leave my seat…
    my poor opposition accept ur defeat… accept that u r the rejected eggs of the lee market…
    u can only bark… u have nothing to do… accept that u r failures… i am ready to fight against any force… i got victory with the blessing of God Almighty…. AND i can only say to slap on ur barking face that…

  10. changez khan ur respected parents feel proud to have ur good name.then don’t show cowardliness and argue with ur name.u r such a loser.. why r u scared of Malik? changez khan to mur gaya… kiyo us ki rooh ko tarpa rahay ho.kiya us ki nasal abhi tak baqi hai. ha ha ha.wo bhi sharminda ho ga ke meri nasal har gaye. ha ha ha

  11. Since i am in the first year. but it is recognizably admitted fact that malik is the dashing president of TISF. i feel proud to see the stregth of malik that he got 65.29% votes to slap on the barking face of opposition, hahaha. well done malik. i am extrmly happy that opposition is crying like a lichar buchay. jin ko dodh na milay to wo rotay hain. changezi khan ke potay itna dum tha to malik ka muqabla karna tha na.
    Ab pachtaey kiya huat jub chirya chug gaye khait.
    rakh ke chamata on changezi khan ke potay pe.
    malik president malik president. yaahooooooooo.
    dil hare pukarey tjhay.

  12. oh my sweet opposition pls apnay ansoo ponch lo. na mera bucha na. na ro na ro. Dyno munchy khao gay. muah

  13. @ opposition
    roothay ho tum ko me kaisay manao piya. bolo na bolo na.
    ho ga NA duniya me tu be misaal.aye changez khan
    mere buchay mere nonihal. mere nonihaal nonihaal mere nonihaal.
    power ke bina kiya jeena.
    har ker jina bhi koi jina hai kiya

  14. Hahaha malik we all know how much you deserve the seat and we all know your personality too..unopposed president of tisf hum ne wo bhi dekha tha jab you were crying in front of 280 like a 2 year baby..and all other unopposed candidates were able to get above 85% votes and after crying you only managed to get 65% votes that is your victory..i think that was yours cuz you know from your heart that how much you deserve to be there..and all of us know that how good you can manage your events like your “Friday night dinner”..your own tisf “FS” were victimize dere by your own “Party fellows” hahaha i think you will be managing your events like that throughout the year 😛

  15. papu lakh lanat to tujh pe hai.
    ma baap nay namm diya ke garve say keh sakey ke tu un ka beta hai.magar yar tu bhi kiya kare.
    u already have some fathers in da uni
    tm to un ki baat mano gay. ha ha ha
    Lakh Lanat opposition.
    Na mard logo. mard buno murd.
    Ye bazi khoon ki bazi hai ye bazi tum hi haro gay
    hum hur baar tmhe chamata maren gay tum kitna ro gay

  16. Party log tu diplomatic hain last year tum log in k dushman they…. ajjj Tum Dost hoo .. party khud tu vote laa nahi saka … Tumhari back ban gaye………… se burger party banney rehtey hain or tum ko maila maila ki category mein daltey hain jab vote ka mamla atta hai tu pyar mohabaat shuru ho jatyi hai sab mein …….Zara bhi sharam naam ki cheez nahi hai … Chalo TS tu wasey hi bad naam hai … Apparel or management walon ko bhi dehk liya…..

    Jaghra kisi baat ka nahi.. …thik hai politics hoti hi kharab hai bas zaroorat is baat ki hai k tum Act karo president ki tarah atleast…..

  17. Pappu bhai..
    hum chahain jaisay bhi hain lekin kam az kam joo kartey hain tou samnay sey kartey hain doosroon per topiyaan rakh kar nhi kartey. Aur jahan tak burger banay ki baat hai woh tou puri uni jaanti hai kon wanna bee burgers hain…… tum malik ko hamara purana dushman samjho ya naya dost hai tou hamara bhai aur iskay liye dyno munchy parcchy ko kissi ki gawahi ki zaroorat nhi..

  18. Mr malik the respectable president plz act like a president, chahe jis tarah bhi ap president banien hon chahey jitny bhi vote count sa jetay ho par ab you are the president of TISF , the one who is representing 280 students of TIP but unfortunately you are acting like a kid,ur comments are showing that you are not literate person or at least not deserving person to hold such a respectable seat…..
    malik please be serous now and for God sake act like a president i know it is difficult for you and for us to accept you as a president.

  19. changaiz beta ab yeh baatein chor do…u have been brought down to earth from ur foolish realities..chal beta ab ghar aaja tera number lag gaya hai…aaj ssari raat tou ne waise bhi chokidaar ke saath hi sona hai…taake tere apne ghar ka kharcha poora ho sake…aur haan agar wahan se poora na hua to phr aajana mere paas…i would love to have u f@#$%d…

    Jiye malik….

  20. haha nice name btw “changaiz khan” lolz.. there is something malik and his friends wont understand.. and its called to win everything by loosing somethings.. adnan accept it what’s ur status in the tip right now.. u ve lost in the true sense.. Allah kare tumhari waja se hamaray events ki waat na lage lekin we ppl dont accept anything from especially you .. tum ne unka haath pakra hua hai jo log university mein kisi ko muun nahi lagate , tum unke liye apni selfrespect kho rahe ho jinho ne tumhare through game khela aur phir tumhare dinner ki waat lagade.. wake up malik wake up ..

  21. abuse karney ka matlab sirf itna hi hai k tumhie abuse karney k illawaha or koi jawab nahi soojhta ..Mera jo comment tha woh maine kar dya ..ab abuse karney ka koi faida nahi hai….i dun not have any personal issues wid any one …i just want that our president should act like a president thats it …. i m not here to degrade him .

  22. just becoz log tumhare qareeb nahi aate does not mean ke game khel di gayi hai…he is not here to fulfill only a persons expectations…he is here to fulfill the dreams and inspirations of the 173 people that have voted for him…they have seen something in him and voted for him…u wanna talk about status…look around you man…u r the only one creating a fuss and every one else is just supporting the president…are u freaking blind????
    Just coz u didn’t enjoy the event does not mean that it was a failure…it was a sucess which can easily be seen through ur internal jealousy and inferiority complex….

  23. @ adnan malik….atleast now i know 4 sure ke meine tumhe NO karke koi galti nahi ki thi…ab ye tmhari khush kismati nikli n unfortunately hamari bad kismati ke doosron ne galti kar di aur tumhe yes kr diya….tmhare ander to itna sense bhi nahi hai ke ab jab tmhe presi elect kr liya gaya hai to atleast act karke hi dikha do…if u think tum iss tarah ki baatein kr ke buhat smart lag rahe ho to im sorry to say u actually sound like an ASS………..

    be brave my son… i am such a daring person that i can write my name… Adnan Malik…

    iss se to acha tha tum apna naam naa hi likhte taake atleast jo log tmhe jaante nahi hai unke saamne to image bana rehta ..

  24. hi adnan, long time no see! kaisa hain preseident sahib?? oh i forgot, aap to president ke dummy hain, asli president to mustafa hai.. serious oppologies, chal abse hum mustafa ke uthae ge..

    hi mustafa , how are u? hows tisf and everything ?? 😛


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