A mini prospectus of TIP

We, the students of TDT-01 in English composition ENG-102 have come up with a very nice description of TIP. Hope the people like it. Here you go! Do leave your comments.

The beautiful red bricked building of TIP is captivating and enchanting. The architecture fascinates and attracts visitors and new candidates to be a part of this institute. TIP, located at nearly 30 km away from KHI airport at Ghaggar Phatak, is one of the top most textile institutes. Its splendid architecture blends with the beauty of both the rural and urban environment over here. As you enter into the big gates of TIP, you are welcomed with the charm of the vast lush green ground which conjures thoughts of freedom and calmness and the beautiful lake adds to its serenity. The site of the tall tower not only enhances infrastructure but also acts as the beacon for the students and the people associated to TIP.

TIP offers bachelors in four major disciplines, namely: B.Sc. (Hons.) in Textile Science, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Textile Design Technology, BBA (Hons.) in Textile Management and Marketing and BBA (Hons.) in Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising. Many of the courses are offered under these fields. BBA courses confine to the business and corporate world where as the B.Sc. courses are much more related to the practical and industrial works. TIP follows semester system; two semesters per year. The assessments of the students is done through a well planned system, consisting of hourly, quizzes, assignments, presentations and the submissions of projects and thesis. Final exam has a weight age of 40% and the rest of the assessment is of 60%. Attendance policy is quite strict at TIP, only 3 absences are allowed in a course per semester, marks are deducted after the third absence. At the end of each semester, the students are handed over their result statements, evaluated upon their G.P.A, they are offered scholarships if they achieve more than 3.25 G.P.A, if it is below 2.00, and then probation is imposed on them.

There are certain facilities which should be provided to the students and TIP facilitates it students with many of them. Considering its distance from the city, TIP offers its students with comfortable and luxurious buses. The seats in the buses are quite comfortable; curtains, A.C. and music played in it make it cozier. The students living far from the city, i.e. the outstation students are provided with a very good hostel facility, the food arrangements, the rooms, the writing table, sofa cum bed i.e. ‘divan’, cupboards, TV rooms, microwaves, laundries, iron stands are some of the major facilities provided at the TIP hostel. The non-hostilities can also stay there for some work or any activity. The TIPians at the time of hunger rush towards the place where they quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger, i.e. the cafeteria. We have a very spacious cafeteria, a separate dining hall for staff, a kitchen, a tuck shop and a juicewala as well. TIP offers its students with highly equipped computer labs, high speed internet, printing and scanning and photocopying facilities, the treasure of books i.e. library, the second home of designers, i.e. studios, weaving, knitting and spinning machines, CAD labs, display room, and the locker facility. GCR [Ed: Girls Common Room?], toilets, sports and music rooms, auditorium are also included in the list. The students are provided with a proper place for namaz too.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, following this idea, TIP provides a no. of activities and events for the academic individual and psychological development. A wide variety of formal and informal activities are arranged here. Among the formal activities, we have the debate competition, drama festival, theatres, mushaira, bait bazi, and sessions by guest speakers. The informal events and activities are of a wider range such as dance parties, beach party, entertainment night, carnival, basant, Valentines Day, bake sale, concerts, freshmen gala, movie night, and above all the ragging, though it’s not on!! . Other activities include sport tournaments such as futsol, cricket championship, arm wrestling, chess matches and cards competition.

No educational institute can run without good staff, faculty, administration, and co-coordinator. By the grace of God, TIP is providing the best of all of them. Starting with the people who make us acceptable and learned people are the faculty. For educating the people, the teacher must know the way to convey the information to them and we have very good teachers with us. Our academic coordinator is doing his best to run this institute finely. It is very important to have administration to look after all the important chores and our administration is quite sincere in their duties. One can’t forget the non teaching staff of TIP who helps this place to be secure, beautiful and clean place, i.e. the security, gardeners, sweepers and the peons.

Entering a university, one enters a new environment and meets different kinds of people, also referring to different cultures and traditions. This helps students to learn how to easily adjust in any environment. Being a student of TIP, there cannot be a better person to tell you about us, the students. Everyone here has his own unique outlook but we all have something in common which is the equality we have amongst each other a perfect example being the no senior no junior policy. Even though there is a girl’s minority it still doesn’t make any difference. The people here accept each other with their differences and are united at all times and that is one of the good things of TIP.

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  1. hey, its amazing how our class could actually work together and produce something really worthwhile : P
    great essay especially paragraph # 2, thankx shazzy and khadija!

  2. absoloutely rite .. the thing which matters a lot is the unity.. though the paragraphs were made by 6 different groups but when combined gives a single master piece ..!!:)

  3. In my opinion the above piece is too boastful and casual to be put up on the tip prospectus.
    And I dont think music is allowed in TIP points.
    I like the mentioning of juicewala , and since you guys were so detailed you should have mentioned the caterer s name which is or was hanif rajput or arabian sea country club’s .
    anyways good effort

  4. mini prospectus is just a name .. thats it ..

    and yes music is played in some of the points..

    anyways thanks for suggestion.

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