A New Year

Well I was doing a regular check on my emails when I came across one with the header, URGENT: Orientation day – Sep 14. Seeking TISF… the subject was too long, it didn’t appear on the screen completely, but as soon as I saw that I knew that the new blood was here and was about to be told what TIP is, but they still won’t be able to answer “Why TIP?’. These freshman still don’t know what I mean.. :p I really want to say something here and that something that still bothers me is whether a girl or a boy they still call them freshman, why not fresh woman for girls :p

Why am I writing all this. there are three reasons which made me write this article; first, I want to welcome you all fresher to Textile Institute of Pakistan on behalf of the People who C.A.R.E and please note that it’s not “tips” its T.I.P. so if someone says this in front of you please correct them as this is a matter of our own pride.

Second; Few friendly advices; you would find them in this article as you read it. Here’s one more.. Don’t be afraid of Ragging :p

And as we say last but not the least; I wanted you to know, what Quack Online is and what importance does it have for students of TIP. Well a little bit of History, I am not writing it you can find it in the ‘About’ section of the website :p.

Quack Online is Textile Institute of Pakistan’s independent student newsletter. It has been around since TIP started and has been voice of students, alumni, faculty as well as management since its formation to raise their concerns on different issues of TIP. It is a medium for you to express your opinions and concerns about TIP, it’s up to you how much you care about it.

In the end I would just like to say that welcome to TIP, we hope that you have the best of your days here and wish you all the best and if you wish to express your opinions at Quack Online contact editors