A Rising Society: DramaTIPS

This past Friday, TIPians were given the distinct pleasure to witness yet another stage performance by the institute’s rising dramatics society.

Aleesha Hussain of TMM-1 explains the happenings of the day, as well as the success story of the society so far…

22nd Nov ’13  29th Nov ’13: DramaTIPS brought in another play ‘HAYE ABBA JAAN’ this semester directed by a graduate of National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan, which ended up as another huge success even after its 1 week delay due to a strike in the city. The DramaTIPS was started last year (2012) by a handful of students. The first comedy play Bari Dair ki Mehrbaan Atay Atay intiated the society which was performed by a cast of 9 people. It received overwhelming feedback and was performed at numerous places & events. It also bagged the ‘BEST SCRIPT’ Award in National University of Science & Technology (FAST)’s Inter Drama Competition on 27/11/2013.

Any event requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice, managing skills and the most important of all ‘Patience’. The Dramatip’s President, Raveed Khan, realized after the first play that the society needed an instructor to instruct the actors. Mansoor Ahmed Khan was approached and he agreed to instruct the young actors on the request of the society’s president.
The Auditions for the play ‘HAYE ABBA JAAN’ were held and the cast selected by the director was Raveed Khan, Syeda Aleesha Hussain, Areeba Ali, Amna Ameen, Saad Ullah, Tooba Hayat and Umar Farooq Khan. This play was way bigger than the last play in every aspect. Four new freshmen were chosen in auditions to perform in front of the audience of TIP. This was a big risk taken, but the freshmen proved themselves through their mind blowing performance and display of sheer confidence.

The endless efforts of bringing in sponsors, selling the tickets, managing the crowd; everything was done impeccably by the marketing & management team. The designing of the invitation cards, posters and banners and photo shoot of the play was done by the Vice President of the society Amna Ameen. The set was designed by a new society called ‘The Paintoos’. Their efforts were noteworthy in designing the exact kind of set required for the play.

Rehearsing for the event was painstaking. The actors had to skip classes & sacrifice their work. Weekends were consumed as the crew worked 7 days straight to give in their best. Unexpectedly Amna Ameen fell severely ill just two days before the play and her role was played by a freshman, Tooba Hayat Khan. Her efforts of memorizing the script and managing the moves in two days was also commendable.

The day arrived, levels of tension were high, the stage was set up and the Auditorium was crowded as the whole university gathered to watch the play… and their hopes were high. TIP’s President Dr. Zubair Bandukda & other faculty members were present as well.

The whole duration of forty minutes gave people fits of overwhelming laughter. The lines were spoken smoothly and the expressions executed to perfection. Those who took the stage for the first time performed like pros. After the play ended, the president was surprised by the discipline of the TIP auditorium audience! The director was called up on the stage where he encouraged the young talent and appreciated how quickly they grasped what they were told . He expressed that he loved working with Dramatips. Honourable Dr. Zubair then distributed certificates amongst the performers and the entire crew members.

Raveed Khan proudly thanked the members for an amazing performance and also encouraged the team and the students for participation in the upcoming plays. The event was worth all that effort & the team had managed to make this event a big hit. The society achieved its goal and they’ve sent out the message loud and clear, that this was only The Beginning…

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