A Sticky Situation

Friday, May 14, began with most of the door locks in the main building super glued with Elfi. While at first the TIP security was flabbergasted, when the administrative staff arrived, things started moving quickly. The door locks where broken to allow access to the computer lab, lecture theatre, and faculty offices (and others?). Shakel Ahmad then called a meeting in the auditorium.

That’s where things started to get ugly. Shakeel Ahmed was disgusted at the prank, saying that Rs. 20,000 will have to be spent replacing the door locks, and vowing to find the culprits. He went on to saying that ‘all of you [students] come from terrible families’ [paraphrased from Urdu – Ed]. He also decided to disallow access to the computer lab and library after 4:00 pm. He did sound apologetic towards the end, saying that his speech was directed towards the culprits, and not towards the student body as a whole.

Shakeel Ahmed also ordered a search of the hostel to find those responsible. In a very through search, 18 tubes of Elfi were found inside 2 rooms on the first floor, including empty Elfi tubes thrown outside their windows. One of the students residing in those rooms was also involved in another infamous incident.

What happens ahead is still to be seen. But what has happened so far, from the administrations side, has been ugly and inelegant.

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  1. i applaud the very gutsy effort on the part of the “culprits” although it shows the negilence of the gaurds. one gaurd who was on duty that night was seen sitting at the boys hostel. due to the incompetentcy of our gaurds we the students have to suffer. these pranks although are a part of university life the students should not go overboard as in this case……

  2. way to go dudes.. i have to take my hat off to you ppl.hope you never get caught . i have to admit that needed balls of steel …

  3. n what abt the incident in which abido u, a Fy guy and Madam Dashboard ;)were involved.raat k 3 baje girls hostel koodna .Jus for the lap top.it seems rediculus.

  4. oey talib listen to me, u r not here and u dont know wht is going on here ok. so, shut ur bloody mouth. v dont care if u hate us. its all about who did it, and the hostel ppl are not that stupid to let their facilities go out of their hands by doing such stupid acts. hostel ppl have never done this before nor they’ll do it in future. it was the ppl from the city who were staying that day at the hostel and they did it. the pins and alfis were found from arafat’s room, he is a karachi wala, asran n ahsan took the keys from his and went to sleep in whis room, they are karachi walay. so just tell me please my dear, innocent and sweet talib where r the hostel ppl in this whole scene xcept the fact that they were living in the hostel, but werent involved in this so called practical joke. u dont have to go around blaming ppl if u hate ’em. u have to b realistic, u have to b fair.

  5. A very shameful act but not a very good penalty by the dicsiplinary commetty.just to suspend is easy but 1 duz not care how iz it going 2 effect their studies. i suppose n as far as i take it, they shud hav been fined, their parents called. not more than that. every 1z awaare how close r the final xamz. wel ofcourse they didnt do sumthing to b praised over. but its not sumthing to ruin thier careers!!!
    try to b kinda optimist. if their rooms were found with proof of elfi’s, that is just not sumthing 2 jump 2 a conclusion.

  6. shame on u abid. u suck. leave your burgery ways

    u not onlytarnished the poor girl’s image but gave a black spot in her chracter. so shame on u. and plz get a haircut

  7. hey,

    arafat is innocent.

    i think that even if these guyz did it, they shudnt pay such a huge penalty.

    they can get suspended in the next semester and that goes fer abido and group too although i think taht they r innocent 2…

    this is bad, real bad…juss think ppl…1 yr wasted is a lot…the 3rd yrs shud take some action..real quick, if they consider arafat his friend..

  8. well chalo yeh tu clear hai key elfi kis ke room se mili but zaroori tu nahi ke woh arafat hi ho koi bhi ho sakta hai. secondly aabbiidd tum ne jo harkat raat mein ki hai na us ki tu sazaa tumhe milni chahiye.

  9. abid a guy with a ghonsla on his head has make the poor girls career at tip in stake so shame to abid ….

  10. hey u talk about rules and stuff and u belong to a good family i think so
    but u do things which r unthinkable
    what were u thinking of at going there at night.
    u embarass us and u should be kicked out of tip

  11. i visisted this texpert’s quack almost two months ago, it was plenty of fun at that time. It is not so today, one of our tipian to hom i have not met but i wish i could have a very small chat with him. some one to hom Allah saved to see Bad time Allah alwayz the great made a better decision for him, he saved him to see such Bad time.

    I Pray Allah forgive his mistakes he made intensionally or unintensionally. I request to all if he hurt some one in any part of his very short life, plz plz forgive him. he is no more among us.

    Adding more, if abid made bad then u all discussing and writtting about abid over here making worst case and advertising it for every one, Tipians and non-tipians, plz Stop this non-sence.

    Congradualtions to all Graduating Tipians (only graduating not expeled)

  12. First kindly discard Rana’s comments….he’s a little freaked out these days…balkey he’s a little freaky kinda guy…..

    Abid or any one else….who ever did it..though it was some thing which was totally cool but to get suspeneded for the whole year for it well it’s totally another story…..

    The administration should have charded them….that’s it

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