Addiction: Does it exist or is it a state of the mind?

To smoke and drink, or not to do so, is not the question here. The question in fact, is the very nature of these indulgences. Why do we adhere to them so religiously? That is because they are forms of pleasure that we think we can�t do without. Nicotine is a relaxant of some sort and we seem to rely on it. Not knowing why, we think we are hooked to them. I’d like to concentrate more towards smoking because that is what most teenagers are into these days.

I have a lot of friends that smoke and drink, and all of them seem to believe that they are hooked onto it. Yet, I find it hard to believe since not only have I read, but seen, examples of people quitting smoking and drinking after being indulged in it for more than a decade.

This leads me to think about the origin of addiction itself. Once reading a psychologist’s journal, I came across one psychiatrist observing the following:

Insomniacs are, in most cases, people who have convinced themselves (subconsciously) that they do not need sleep, thus, suffer from the lack of it.

So, it is, in my view that addiction is a state of mind. I don�t think it is prudent to include pages and pages of medical data, but I suppose everybody agrees that the pang and urge to have nicotine and alcohol is 75% based on psychological factors than that of physical. Only in cases of more severe drugs like heroin, could I agree that it is indeed an addiction of physical nature. Nevertheless, I�d like to indicate that smoking and drinking are only choices we take to live by. Beyond that, they are nothing more than indulgences.

As I mentioned earlier, people who seem to have smoked for more than a decade, seem to leave these immoderations almost immediately. This leads us to notice that such are examples that point towards the verity that addiction does not exist. Furthermore, it would seem implausible to think that they are addicts; they seem to have overcome their subconscious decisions. Their acumen takes control over their desire.

I would like to conclude that addiction is perhaps an illusion we pull on ourselves. And it is not only to the smoking class that I point this article at, but also towards those who feel, or rather fear that they are addicted to a particular object or activity.

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  2. addiction is basically a state of mind, i agree.

    wat bout the fact that seemingly innocent things like ciggarettes and weed can get into your blood stream and make your body dependant on the drug?

    think bout it hariss, addiction starts off as psychological, and ends up as physical.

  3. If you feel that the author has plagiarized then I suggest you post the link of the source instead of making baseless claims.

  4. although s/he seems non-chalant, vaSi is reducing any chance of a young freshman of TIP to actually come forward and speak on an issue that is real and makes an interesting read.

    unfortunately “Mr.Hariss Amin” has a supererior style of writing that vaSi would probably find on the websites s/he uses to cheat on his/her overdue assignments.

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