Am I talking to the Wall???

Sarim self taking says: (* looks around and finds it safe*) It’s 5 pm , still got an hour till my office is off.

Shoot, the boss comes out of no where and glares at the Quack online dashboard and then with a “what the hell are you doing” expression asks “ UMmnn …good, is it the most popular Blog of the industry you were telling me about when you joined us, The one where you write and get a lot of response?.

Sarim wet pants says: umm bbaba yeah yeah…exactly…

Boss: Ok… let me have a look..( * sarim stands to give boss his seat and steps on his foot to make it worse*)

Boss grinning: huh…looks like its been ages since anyone has ever bothered to read it, forget the comments…khair….here is a tip… U know we really appreciate our managers to look around and Blog…we love it in fact…but I would prefer if you don’t waste your time on stupid Blogs like these…where no one evens comments…

Sarim Sucks says: Ok Sir…don’t you worry…

You must be thinking how unprincipled I am, Writing on quack in my working hours.

But Wait…

I know I can’t justify this, as another business development project of my company, but you can think of it as a “Corporate Social Responsibility” thing.

Its because I love TIP and I believe Quack Online was the best thing that ever happened to the TIP student body and we lost it…

Its just like you are taking to a Wall!

8 Replies to “Am I talking to the Wall???”

  1. Sarim, even walls have ears. Tell your boss. Quack saw 13,000 views in 2010. Not everyone comments, but we still see a respectable average of 7 comments per post.

  2. I know people have lost interest in Quack…..trying to bring the lost energy back….
    tip have changed rather transformed over the past years, every anonymous comment is looked upon as a crime…..a sin……a disgrace to the administration, i wonder why!!!
    people who believe in themselves, fight with valor, we the Quack team were a bit disappointed by the way we were discouraged……..after all it is an INDEPENDENT STUDENT NEWSLETTER!!!

  3. @Sarim: I do agree with Abid there. Wall’s aren’t all bricks and mortar.

    @Ali: Quack! sure has had some epic posts+comment debates in the past! Wish to see the glory return.

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