An Ad:Aamil Bangali Kaka “Texpert”, textiles

I was going through a local daily newspaper when I read this Ad.This Ad changed my life completely only to realize afterwards that it was only a dream and wondering if this could happen in real.I wish it could.

Want to get good G.P.A , Want to win in elections, Want to make an affair with any of the yo-yo girls of the designing or any haseena of the Management? contact Aamil Bangali Kaka.

Are you upset with your life and feeling low? don’t loose hope beause sucide is haraam, share your problems with Aamil bangali Kaka.He has a soultion for every problem.Aamil bangali Kaka is a graduate from the Textile Institute of Pakistan and has good command in Management(Khullay aam cheating),oral communication (topi baazi) and business communication (haera phaeri)

Have you ever wondered how those boring book worms get 4.00 G.P, how that lazy person won in the TISF elections and how that dumbo got that chickney girl? they all contacted Aamil Bangali Kaka, yes only Aamil Bangali Kaka can get you 4.00 G.P without any study.He has advance T.C formulas which he made himself during his stay at the TIP, these formulas are fool proof as they have been successfully applied many times on numereous cheaters oh, i mean Teachers not cheaters.

He can make you win in the TISF elections by making you a good Topi baaz,he has lots of big size hats.He can also bring those yo-yo girls to your feet in two days through black magic which he learned in a Bangladeshi textile mill.

At present Aamil Kaka is working as a consultant in an underground undergarments factory, you can contact him through his agents in TIP. Aamil bangali Kaka does not take any money for his holy duties, he accepts only gift items.

So all you worried people don’t worry anymore Aamil Bangali Kaka is here, he will make your worries disappear with you in two days and Trust me he will.

Warning: Under age and “mummy daddies” don’t try to contact him.

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  1. hi,
    the article was nice but sorry to say the writer was not bold enough to write the names of haseenaas and yo-yo girls. plz aaamil sahab bold enough and try to be more mature as u r in 2nd yr.last semester(just kidding) article was nice and wrote very seriously i wish u r more serious in ur studies tooo, instead of being serious in any fragnance (u must be undestand) good luck and be in contact and don’t insist me next time for delivering my comment.

  2. One of the BEsT articles on this site… very good imagination. Hope to see more of ur artiles publishing soon… oh! by the way where is the contact no. and adress of Aamil bangali Kaka… hehehe… 😛

  3. Dear Mr. Kaka,

    I am worried about the upcoming TISF elections. This year the Hostelities have decided to make a TISF-H (Hostel Party), and the Karachi Walas the TI-B (Burger Party). And rumors abound the members for the TISF as it stands have been decided beforehand by Shakel Ahmad and B.D. Saleem.

    Who do I vote for? Or should I form my own party?

  4. Nice one masood, I never knew that you have got so many guts. :). By the way, why haven’t you consulted Aamil KaKa yet? I think You need him badly … Don’t you:P? Though I am not sure whether he will be able to help you or not …

  5. make ur own party stupid. u can win this time every one knows that, especially with aamil kaka on your side!

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